The Exoticness of Tamblingan Lake With Various Temples

Tamblingan Lake

Visa Bali Info – Tamblingan Lake is a lake formed in a large caldera and is one of three twin lakes.

Tamblingan Lake is one of the tourist attractions located on the northern slope of Mount Lesung, Munduk Village area, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

Lake Tamblingan is almost the same as Lake Beratan, but Lake Tamblingan is surrounded by forests and cool air.

This lake was also a village area occupied by residents on Mount Lesung. However, the residents decided to divide the four regions. Even so, the residents still take turns taking care of and cleaning the lake to preserve it.

Become a Spiritual Tourist Place

Tamblingan Lake is one of three lakes formed by the eruption of Mount Lesung. Lake Tamblingan with two other lakes, Lake Beratan and Lake Buyan which are located close to each other.

Lake Tamblingan itself is referred to as the twin of Lake Buyan because of its closest location. Among the three lakes, Lake Tamblingan has the smallest size.

Previously, Tamblingan Lake was not developed as a tourist spot to preserve its nature.

However, since 2020, Tamblingan Lake is being designed to become a spiritual tourist spot.

As it is known that spiritual tourism is an area that can provide peace and harmony, this is where the added value of the exoticism of this lake.

Surrounded by 13 temples

Tamblingan Lake
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Since it was designed to be a spiritual tourism, Lake Tamblingan provides the feel of religious tourism that is thick with nature.

In this lake you will find at least 13 temples that are active for Hindu worship rituals.

The pretense is as follows:

  1. Gubug Temple
  2. Dalem Tamblingan Temple
  3. Endek Temple
  4. Ulun Danu Temple
  5. Sang Hyang Kangin Temple
  6. Sang Hyang Kawuh Temple
  7. Tirta Mengening Temple
  8. Naga Loka Temple
  9. Engraving Temple
  10. Steaming Temple
  11. Embang Temple
  12. Weigher Temple
  13. Batulepang Temple

The thirteen temples are located in different locations. Some are on the rocks by the lake and some are in the forest.

To be able to visit the temple, you can follow it by using a boat rented by local residents.

Or you can walk it on foot through the forest. As for Gubug Temple, you can visit only on foot if the water is receding.

You Can Enjoy Camping Or Rent Lodging Around This Lake

Tamblingan Lake
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Camping in this place can be said to be quite quiet compared to Lake Buyan. If you decide to go camping, you need to bring your own camping equipment from home.

For those of you who want to stay at a hotel, then you can stay around Lake Beratan because there are so many lodging places.

Interesting Selfie Locations

Tamblingan Lake
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At Tamblingan Lake, you can enjoy its natural beauty by capturing the moment by taking pictures.

This location is also widely used for pre-wedding for the bride and groom. Besides taking pictures here, you can also do fishing activities and just go around the lake by boat.

Location, Operating Hours and Ticket Prices

Location: Munduk Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

Hours of Operation: Every day 24 hours.

Price: IDR 10,000 *Entrance ticket prices are subject to change at any time.

It should be noted, here you will not find restaurants or stalls selling food and drinks. Therefore, you can prepare it in advance before coming here and don’t litter.

And also because this lake is a spiritual place, it is hoped that you will maintain ethics and respect all things that have become provisions around this lake.

Of course, it will be an interesting tourist destination, isn’t it for your vacation period? The natural beauty and exoticism that this lake provides will make you feel an interesting and new experience.

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