The Enchantment of the Biggest Vineyard in Indonesia

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Visa Bali Info – Enchantment of the Biggest Vineyard in Indonesia

Bali has vineyards which are the largest vineyards in Indonesia. You don’t need to go to Europe to see the wineries, you just have to go to Bali.

It will be fun if you invite your family and children to have an adventure in this vineyard, then where is this vineyard located in Bali? Check out our review below.

Hatten Wines Bali Vineyards

Founded in 1994 by a native of Balinese blood, Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa, this garden was originally used as a vineyard to produce authentic Balinese wine products.

Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa, has a family background and has been a Balinese rice wine maker since 1968.

Located along the north coast of Bali Island, this winery is located on an area of ​​40-50 hectares.

Agrotourism in Hatten Wines Vineyard

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Not only for producing wine, these tens of hectares of vineyards have been opened for tourists who want to get an agro-tourism experience such as picking grapes straight from the tree.

The harvest season on plantations usually falls during the month of August to early November. It is during this harvest season that you can visit for agro-tourism.

The harvest period in this vineyard is usually done three times in one year, precisely for the fruit season.

You will only be charged a ticket of Rp. 50,000/person for an entrance ticket to this Hatten Wines winery.

Uniquely, from this fairly affordable price, you can get the opportunity to taste the wine directly (for those of you who are interested), tour the vineyards, and pick grapes directly from the tree with a limited number of notes.

Diverse Grape Varieties

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Hatten Wines vineyards have tested more than 50 different international grape varieties.

In its development, apart from managing its own vineyards, the Hatten Wines plantation is also working with a network of local Balinese farmers.

To develop the cultivation of local wineries and is currently cultivating ten varieties of grapes.

The types that have been cultivated are Green Grapes, Sila Valley Almonds, Probolinggo Blue Grapes, to St. Vallier Bali and high quality varieties such as the Syrah Grape.

Best Quality Wine Producer

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Initially, this plantation was only intended for the production of Balinese wine and in its development it became wine.

The first production of wine from this plantation was the Aga Rose wine. This Aga Rose wine is very popular and has often received quality recognition in a number of competitions such as the Asia Wine Review in Hong Kong, and the WSA Wine Challenge in Singapore.

The same recognition is also often obtained from various types of wine produced from these wineries, such as Jepun Sparkling Wine, Aga Red, Aga White, Pino de Bali, and many more.

The results of the best quality wine products above are not created solely, the best quality wines are created from the hands of winemakers who are experts in their field. Both from Indonesia and experienced parties from abroad.

In its development, Hatten Wines’ wine production was awarded as one of the Top -10 Fastest Improving Producers in Asia.

Location and Hours of Operation

Address :

Jl. Seririt-Gilimanuk, Sanggalangit, Kec. Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81155.


Operational hour :

Monday – Friday, 10.00 – 16.30 WITA

Saturday, 10.00 – 12.00 WITA

Sunday, Closed


You don’t have to go far abroad to visit a winery. Come to Bali, then visit the wineries in Buleleng Regency.

Pay attention to their operating hours and the recommended month so that when you go there when the grape harvest arrives.

Invite your family, friends or co-workers here to experience agro-tourism for a new experience in your holiday season and enjoy with your time.


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