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The Enchantment of Jatiluwih with Rice Fields

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Visa Bali Info – Jatiluwih

A natural painting with green rice fields as far as the eye can see from end to end looks neatly arranged terraced terraces.

It looks so perfect with the dashing Mount Batukaru that appears behind the terraces. From early in the morning the farmers’ hands were busy planting rice and some were just checking their rice field bunds, some were also taking a leisurely stroll while carrying their livestock.

The History of Jatiluwih With Its Terraced Fields


It is said that the story of the name JATILUWIH comes from the words JATON and LUWIH. “JATON” means Amulet, while “LUWIH” means good, from the meaning of these words it can be concluded that Jatiluwih means a village that has a really good/effective amulet or will, in this case, wealth over rice fields that can be sufficient local food needs.

Jatiluwih Village is famous as a tourist spot with the beauty of terraced or terraced rice fields which still use the traditional Balinese rice field irrigation system, the location is close to the Batukaru mountains with fairly cool air conditions.

You can also see traditional rice field irrigation using the subak technique, subak irrigation or traditional Balinese irrigation systems.

Rice Field Processing Still Upholding Culture And Tradition

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In cultivating rice fields, Jatiluwih Village farmers still uphold deep-rooted traditions. and still use the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.

The ceremonial traditions carried out during the processing of rice fields include ;

  • Mapag Toya, namely the ceremony of taking/picking up water to a spring.
  • Nendag Tanah Carik, namely the ceremony of asking for safety from God when plowing rice fields, this procession is still on Sasih Tiga (September).
  • Ngurit, namely the Ngurit nursery ceremony is held on the Fifth Sasih (around November).
  • Ngerasakin, namely the ceremony of cleaning up the dirt (leteh) left behind when plowing the fields, is carried out at the beginning of Sasih Kepitu (early January).
  • Pangawiwit (Nuwasen), which is a ceremony to find an auspicious day to start planting rice which is carried out around Sasih Kepitu (early January).
  • Ngekambuhin, which is a ceremony to ask God for safety for newly growing rice children which is carried out when the rice is 42 days old around Sasih Kewulu (February).
  • Pamungkah, which is a ceremony asking for safety so that rice plants can grow well. This ceremony is carried out on Sasih Kawulu (February).
  • Penyepian, namely the ceremony of asking for safety so that rice plants are protected from pests/diseases and is carried out on Sasih Kesanga (around March).
  • Pengrestitian Nyegara Gunung, namely carrying out the Nyegara Gunung ceremony which is carried out at Luhur Petali Temple and Luhur Pekendungan Temple (March/April).
  • Mesaba, which is a pre-harvest ceremony performed on Sasih Kedasa (April).
  • Ngadegang Bhatari Sri (Bhatara Nini), which is a ceremony symbolically visualizing Him as a Lingga-Yoni.
  • Nganyarin ceremony, which is the ceremony to start the harvest which is held on Sasih Sada (June).
  • Manyi, which is the activity of harvesting rice (July).
  • Mantenin, namely the ceremony of raising rice to the barn or the ceremony of storing rice in the barn which is held on Sasih Karo (August).

Become a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Since June 29, 2012 Jatiluwih has been designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. Jatiluwih is included in the Subak Landscape area of ​​Catur Angga Batukaru which is one of the 5 areas in Bali that have been designated by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.


Based on the processing of the Jatiluwih rice fields based on the philosophical principles of Tri Hita Karana which has the goal of achieving and fostering harmony and harmony between Subak residents and each other, Subak residents and the environment/nature, and Subak residents with the Creator/God as the parahyangan element.


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