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The Difference Of Visit Visa & Limited Stay Visa

Bali Visa Info – Discussing again about what you need the most for visiting Balinese island other than passport is visa. People around the world must have a dream to have a beautiful holiday, one of best destination is visiting Bali island. Bali island has a good advantages for tourism industry. This is also affecting economy in Bali island. This might because of many foreigners entering Bali island for doing business or just for having vacation in this beautiful island. For you foreigners who want to visit Bali island, you need to clear the most important things other than having passport, that is visa Bali. Visa Bali is something that you need to clear first before your arrival, or you will have some troubles in this country. Bali island was belong to Indonesia country. For your information, there are more than 100 countries who have relation with Indonesia for having visa-free entry to Indonesia. But for other countries who have no visa-free entry to Indonesia, then mean you need to clear this one first before your arrival.

visaDifference of Visit Visa and Limited Stay Visa

Many tourists are doing their visa things to their visa agency. Finding a good visa agency is best way to help you to get smooth journey. Our visa4bali service is one of the best visa agency in Bali island who have over 8 years experience. A lot of tourists trust us for taking care their documentations of visa. Although you have given this to your visa agency, we think it is better for you to know what is difference between visit visa and limited stay visa.

  • Visit Visa

    This visa is given to foreigners who will travel to the Indonesian territory in the context of visiting government duties, education, sociology-culture, tourism, business, family, journalism, or stopping to continue their journey to other countries.

    Visit visas are consist of below 3 type

  1. Visit visa for one trip

    This kind of visa is given to foreigners to stay in the Indonesia territory for no longer than 60 days or maximum staying in Indonesia country 60 days.

  2. Visit visa for several trips

    This visa is having function to Foreigners with a visa validity period of five years to stay in the Indonesian territory for a maximum of 60 days.

  3. Visa on arrival (visa on arrival)

    This visa is given to Foreigners to stay in the Indonesian territory for a maximum of 30 days.

  • Limited Stay Visa

    This visa is given to foreigners who will travel to Indonesia as clergy, experts, workers, researchers, students, investors, the elderly, and their families, foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens, and also foreigners who will travel to the Indonesian territory to reside for a limited period of time.

    For this kind of visa, it has limit that this limited stay visa is granted for the longest period of time as below

  1. Two years

  2. One year

  3. Six months

  4. 90 days

  5. 30 days

So the difference between visit visa and limited visa was on the purpose arrival of foreigners to Indonesia. If visit visa is given to the foreigners that will have traveling to Indonesia in purpose of duties, government, tourism, education, family, business or for stopping just to continue to other country. While the limited stay visa is given to foreigners who travel to Indonesia to stay for a limited period of time or in order to join to work on ships operating in Indonesia, and others.

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