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The cleanest village in the world is in Indonesia, precisely in Bali, Panglipuran Village

The cleanest village in the world
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Visa Bali info – The cleanest village in the world

Located at an altitude of about 600-700 meters above sea level, Penglipuran Village has cool and good air quality.

Penglipuran Village is also one of the traditional villages with undoubted beauty to foreign countries.

Having a strong custom, this village is not careless in applying the buildings and habits of its citizens.

This uniqueness makes this village has its own charm, so that it can be named the cleanest village in the world.

Carrying the Tri Mandala Concept in Its Construction

The cleanest village in the world

Penglipuran Village in its development adopted the Tri Mandala concept, in implementing village spatial planning.

The Tri Mandala concept includes;

  • Utama Mandala, is a place for people to worship
  • Madya Mandala, is a place of settlement or residence for residents
  • Nista Mandala, is a zone for the burial of residents

The division is sorted from the northernmost region to the most southernmost region. The people of Penglipuran Village still highly uphold the noble values ​​of their ancestors, this is of course hereditary nature and needs to be maintained.

House Design in Penglipuran Village

The cleanest village in the world

Penglipuran Village is a traditional village that has an environmentally friendly residential complex. The buildings owned by the residents are quite simple, like the houses of Balinese residents in general.

The building materials used still use rocks, banana leaves and carved doors and windows.

You can imagine how the atmosphere of this village is so beautiful and certainly the atmosphere is calm when visiting this village.

Not allowed to use motorized vehicles

When you visit this Penglipuran village, don’t be surprised if you will not be allowed to use motorized vehicles.

When you visit this village, you must be prepared to explore it by walking only.

The prohibition of using motorized vehicles is indeed part of the interesting thing about this traditional village.

To protect the Penglipuran village environment from the dangers of pollution that has occurred in the city environment in general.

Here, the residents deliberately plant bamboo plants to cover the village with its beauty.

Become the Cleanest Village in the World

When you enter this village, you will be greeted with rows of green plants on the right and left.

With the beauty and obedience of the villagers regarding customs, here you will not even find scattered garbage.

It is not surprising that Penglipuran village has received a number of awards such as Kalpataru, ISTA (Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award) in 2017, and the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 version of the Green Destinations Foundation and has been named the cleanest village in the world.

The Right Time to Visit Penglipuran Village

The best time to visit this village is during the Penglipuran Village Festival. Penglipuran Village Festival is a festival that is regularly held at the end of every year, a cultural festival that showcases a lot of Balinese culture.

A number of various cultural festival activities, starting from the traditional clothing parade, Barong Ngelawang, arts and culture parades, and various competitions are held.

Enjoying Life in Penglipuran Village

One of the ways for you to experience life in this village is that you can rent a guest house or you can live in a local resident’s house.

By staying for a while in the midst of the residents of Penglipuran Village, you will feel the hospitality of the local people, you can also spend time having warm conversations with local residents.

Bringing Souvenirs of Typical Crafts and Tasting Typical Culinary of Penglipuran Village

There are so many works of art in the form of handicrafts in this village. Bamboo woven crafts, accessories and other traditional knick-knacks.

The crafts here are sold directly at the craftsmen’s homes, interestingly here you can invite families, especially children, to make knick-knacks directly with the craftsmen.

Here you will find typical food and drinks from Penglipuran Village, such as tipat cantok which almost resembles gado-gado. There is also a loloh cemcem drink that has a sweet and thick taste.


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