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The Charm of Historical Heritage, Ubud Palace Bali

Visa Bali Info – If you are traveling to Bali, it turns out that it is not only the beach that you can make instagramable spots. You can also visit the destinations of former historical palaces in Bali.

Ubud Palace or also known as Puri Saren Ubud Palace. It is a historical building complex located in Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

Its easy-to-reach location and close to the Ubud Art Market will make your traveling activities in Bali more enjoyable.

However, it’s better before you go there first get to know the Ubud Palace from our following review ;

ubud palace

The History of the Establishment of Ubud Palace

Ubud Place or Ubud Palace has a history dating back to the 8th century. At first there was a Hindu religious leader named Rsi Markandeya who came from India, spreading religious knowledge.

Before arriving in Bali, this religious leader had traveled around the island of Java to spread religious knowledge. While spreading religious knowledge on the island of Java, he received a revelation.

Rsi Markandeya received a will that under the foot of Mount Bekasih Bali there are 5 types of magic metal that are useful. Then under the foot of Mount Bekasi, the Ubud Palace temple was built.

Becoming the Most Respected Palace in Ubud

On subsequent expeditions around Bali, Rsi Markaneya built a number of other important temples and created a shared irrigation system in a terraced landscape that is still practiced by farmers today.

The formation of a banjar which is a village council responsible for community and religious affairs was also inspired by this holy man. Basically it can be said that Rsi Markaneya is responsible for the basis of Balinese Hinduism in its purest form which is called the Tirta Religion or the religion of holy water.

From the Ubud Palace, there is a flow of water that functions to flow through the rice fields of farmers. As a result, people living in the area around Ubud Palace feel that their economy has been helped.

This is why the Ubud Palace is respected by the Hindu community, especially those in the area around the Ubud Palace.

The Beauty of Puri Saren Palace in Ubud Bali

It can be described that when you first enter the Puri Saren Ubud tourist location, you will be spoiled with the magnificent walls of the Paduraksa Palace gate. The walls made of red bricks with a thickness of 1 meter have carvings and reliefs that are beautiful to look at. This traditional Balinese carving is the main characteristic of this historic building.

Not only that, from every entrance you will be immediately greeted by statues that are rich in aesthetic artistic value. The uniqueness of each golden wooden door that has a very artistic traditional carving. You can enjoy the beauty of the charm of the beauty of this palace with very comfortable bales.

There is Culture Preserved in this Palace

ubud palace
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There is a dance performance which is a cultural preservation held in this palace. You can enjoy dance performances in turns starting at 19.30 WITA, maybe you can record the schedule.

  • Monday Legong dance
  • Tuesday Ramayana Ballet dance
  • Lengong and Barong Wednesday
  • Thursday Legong dance
  • Friday Barong and Keris dance
  • Saturday Lengong dance
  • On Sunday there is the Legong Mahabharata dance.

Facilities at Puri Saren Palace

Facilities that complement this tourist spot include money cangers, souvenir shops, restaurants, and lodging for tourists.

When you are traveling, you will not only enjoy the beauty of the building design. However, you will be presented with the culture presented in this puri saren palace.

High artistic and cultural values ​​will give you more knowledge about ancestral cultural values, especially Balinese culture.

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