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The Balinese Mesbes Tradition

 Mesbes Tradition
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Visa Bali Info – Mesbes Tradition

Bali has many cultures that give birth to traditions in its people. There are many traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

In fact, there are many traditions that already exist in other parts of Indonesia. Such as Javanese, Sundanese, Batak and Malay.

In Bali there are traditions related to funerals. If you’ve heard of Ngaben, this Mesbes tradition is usually carried out before Ngaben.

To get to know how the Mesbes tradition is carried out by the Balinese people, we will summarize it from various sources.

The Mesbes Tradition in Bali

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In Balinese, the word Mesbes means to tear, tore, to tear using your fingernails and fingernails. The Mesbes tradition is found in Banjar Buruan Village, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali.

Then what was torn and torn with those hands? The answer is a corpse. Before the Ngaben procession is carried out, the Mesbes procession will first be carried out.

A Brief History of the Mesbes Tradition

It is said that in the past, the natives of Banjar Buruan were confused to get rid of the stench emitted by corpses.

Because in ancient times there was no formaldehyde substance to remove the bad smell from the corpses of their families.

Because the Buruan Banjar residents could not stand the stench emitted by the corpse, the residents had the idea to mesbes (tear up) the corpse and when it tore up (mesbes) the corpse.

However, at the time of social distancing they have to feel joy so they forget the smell emitted from the bodies.

The mesbes process doesn’t just tear, some do it by biting. After tearing and biting, the shredded corpse was passed around like he was playing a game.

The Process Of Tradition That Is Not Haphazard

The Mesbes tradition in Tampaksiring is not all people are allowed to take part in the Mesbes ritual.

This special ritual should not be carried out haphazardly and carried out in a closed procession and may only be for the local community.

Because if residents or outsiders who follow this procession will be fatal. Then there are also some restrictions in undergoing this procession.

Among them the corpse should not fall to the ground. If this happens, the people of Banjar Buruan must hold a large-scale purification (purification) in the area.

The Mesbes process was accompanied by the baleganjur gamelan which is a traditional Balinese instrument accompanied by a splash of water. When the tradition takes place, it is said that some residents also experience a semi-conscious state.

The Mesbes Tradition Is Not Always Done

This one tradition does not last all the time before the Ngaben ceremony. This custom is only carried out on corpses that undergo a personal Ngaben ceremony.

Because there is a Ngaben ceremony which is carried out in bulk or collectively. So, you will not always be able to witness this tradition before the Ngaben ceremony is carried out.

The Latest Mesbes Tradition

According to many sources, the current Mesbes tradition, local residents are still running the Mesbes with new rules.

The family will cover the body with mats, bamboo or layered cloth. This is to anticipate infectious diseases and other sights when tearing corpses.


Although this tradition is not free from controversy because it is too cruel and does not respect the family of the bodies left behind.

Traditions are still traditions and like the Mesbes tradition this is only done in the Gianyar area, Tampaksiring Village to be precise.

Whatever it is, let us view it with insight and an open mind, this is important because Indonesia has many different cultures that give birth to traditions.


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