Being the Location of G20 Bali, This Is the Splendor of The Apurva Kempinski Hotel

The Apurva Kempinski
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Visa Bali Info – The Apurva Kempinski

The 17th G20 Summit was held last November. Indonesia is believed to be the host for this one conference.

This annual meeting between world leaders was held in Bali, precisely in Nusa Dua. The Apurva Kempinski is the hotel chosen to host the G20 conference this time.

The luxury of The Apurva Kempinski hotel is momentarily in the spotlight. So how is the luxury that this hotel provides, see this hotel review!

Get to know The Apurva Kempinski

Derived from the Sanskrit “Apurva” which means unique and magnificent, this reflects The Apurva Kempinski’s dedication to presenting unique and luxurious residences.

This 5-star luxury hotel just opened on February 1, 2019. However, it has the capacity of the venue to host major international events.

This five star hotel stands on the cliffs of Nusa Dua with rooms resembling a temple.

It has stunning views of the Indian Ocean and tropical gardens. This hotel turned out to be owned by Wings Group President Director William Katuari.

The Apurva Kempinski Bali was built in collaboration with the Kempinski and Wings Group, so that it becomes part of the 78 five-star Kempinski chain hotels.

The company, with headquarters in Switzerland and Germany, now has hotels spread across 34 countries since Berthold Kempinski first started selling wine and building restaurants in 1897.

Place Design

The Apurva Kempinski
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Standing on an area of ​​about 14 hectares, The Apurva Kempinski has a large meeting room with important world-class events.

Standing on a cliff with architecture that takes inspiration from Besakih Temple, because its shape resembles a temple.

Architect Budiman Hendropurnomo and interior design Rudi Dodo have combined traditional elements and modern touches by prioritizing the diversity of Indonesian culture.

This is clearly evident from the Javanese weaving and woodcarving works combined with the various statues and works of art that are pleasing to the eye.

One of the magnificent rooms owned by The Apurva Kempinski is called the Temple. This temple room can be filled with a capacity of 1,000 people.

With the characteristics of the Balinese lifestyle, it is reflected in the architectural design of The Apurva Kempinski, such as the use of natural stone which is closely related to the Balinese people.

Room type

The Apurva Kempinski
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The Apurva Kempinski has three types of rooms namely rooms, suites and villas;

  • rooms

Grand Deluxe Ocean CourtRoom, Grand Deluxe Lagoon Room, and Grand Deluxe Room.

  • suites

Cliff Private Pool Ocean Junior Suite, Ocean Front Private Pool Junior Suite, The Apurva Prestige Suite, The Apurva Prestige Ocean Suite, Ocean Front Prestige Suite and Cliff Private Pool Junior Suite.

  • Villas

Singhasari One-Bedroom Villa, Sriwijaya Two-Bedroom Villa, Majapahit Three-Bedroom Villa, and Nusantara Presidential Three-Bedroom Villa.


Room rates at this hotel are offered starting from IDR 3.8 million per night for the deluxe room type. The most expensive room rate is more than IDR 16.6 million for the Prestige Suite room type which offers views off the Indian Ocean.

Owns an Aquarium Restaurant

The Apurva Kempinski
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Another striking facility at this luxury hotel is that there is an aquarium restaurant, where this restaurant is the first in Bali.

Named Koral Restaurant offers a unique dining experience surrounded by a giant aquarium.

Koral Restaurant also offers a variety of delicious menus with the main menu called koral Signature.

Other Luxury Facilities

The Apurva Kempinski
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The Apurva Kempinski of course also offers other luxury public facilities. It has a spa, fitness center with sea views, a 60 meter swimming pool, children’s pool and family activity area up to the chapel.

Locations and Tourist Attractions Nearby The Apurva Kempinski

Located on Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Benoa, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

The nearest popular tourist spot is Uluwatu Temple which is 20 km 45 minutes away and the hotel’s location is also close to Bukit Pandawa Golf and Country Club, about four kilometers or a 12-minute drive.


From the description above, it can be seen that The Apurva Kempinski hotel deserves to be used as a venue for international scale conferences such as the G20.

Are you curious about this one hotel? Book now and prepare your budget for sure.


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