Tasty and Cheap Tabanan Typical Nasi Angin

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Visa Bali Info – Rice is a food that cannot be separated from most Indonesians. The variety of culinary offerings of oun rice is very diverse. Each region has its own mainstay and of course a must try when visiting there. One of the characteristics of the island of Bali is Nasi Angin.

If you visit Tabanan, don’t miss this typical Tabanan culinary. Nasi Angin, doesn’t mean white rice is accompanied by wind, but this rice comes with a separate side dish and sauce.

To enjoy a portion of Nasi Angin is generally done at night. A portion of rice whose menu consists of white rice, sweet pork (similar to jerky), shredded pork, noodles mixed with cabbage and a bowl of gravy.

About Nasi Angin

A few decades before, this nasi angin was only sold by a few traders around Meliling Village, Kerambitan District, Tabanan.

Finding this culinary is very easy because the stalls that sell Nasi Angin are located on the side of the main Denpasar-Gilimanuk road.

Then why was it given the name Nasi Angin, from various information obtained that the name Wind for the rice was because the first trader was named Angin. It is said that Angin is a trader of Chinese descent who tried his luck by selling rice in Meliling.

Nasi Angin Today

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The simplicity of the menu but with its distinctive taste makes Nasi Angin not only famous in Tabanan. Often buyers from outside Tabanan deliberately come to Meliling just to enjoy Nasi Angin.

Now, to enjoy a serving of Nasi Angin, you don’t have to go all the way to Meliling. This is because in various parts of the wind in the Tabanan area there are stalls selling wind rice.

The proliferation of traders selling Nasi Angin can be said to be proof that Nasi Angin has become one of Tabanan’s specialties that are consumed by various groups of people. From ordinary people to officials in Bali.

Nasi Angin at an affordable price

At the beginning of its appearance, Nasi Angin was a culinary dish of rice with simple side dishes that were sold at night. In fact, the opening time of this shop often starts at midnight.

With a cheap price, Tabanan’s typical wind rice is the right food choice for drivers and those who are staying up late. The taste of Nasi Angin is quite good, not much different from Nasi Jinggo.

By eating this rice the body can avoid colds when staying up late at night. Moreover, the price is very cheap. On average, Nasi Angin can be obtained by simply spending Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 12 thousand.

Tabanan’s Typical Nasi Angin Hunting Location

For those of you who want to taste this cheap wind rice from Tabanan, you can walk along the streets along Jl. Raya Denpasar-Gilimanuk.

In the exact area of ​​Sembung Gede-Meliling Village, you will find a row of rice stalls that specifically offer the Nasi Angin menu. You can choose to eat the rice directly or wrap it.

Stalls that provide nasi angin in Bali also often provide fairly good facilities. With fairly complete facilities, the Nasi Angin stall is not only a stop for truck drivers but also tourists who travel by bus or private vehicle. Moreover, the available parking area is quite spacious and is accompanied by a bathroom.

Basically, this typical Nasi Angin menu uses pork as a side dish, of course this is not recommended for those of you who are Muslims. So keep an eye out for tasting this one culinary.

Of course at this time Nasi Angin has been sold in several areas of Bali, but if you want authenticity, you can just go to Tabanan.

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