Exoticism Behind the Limestone Cliffs, Tanah Barak Beach

Tanah Barak Beach
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Visa Bali Info – Tanah Barak Beach

There is no doubt that Bali provides many of the best tourist spots. There are various tourist options that you can choose from when planning a vacation in Bali.

Beaches, mountains, hills and even entertainment which is also a tourist destination. Even from this tourist spot itself, many new ones have sprung up.

One of them is Tanah Barak Beach, have you ever heard of this beach before? We will review this beach for you. Listen!

Barak Beach

Tanah Barak Beach
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Tanah Barak Beach is part of the Pandawa Beach development which is on the right side.

Tanah Barak Beach is a new tourist attraction which was officially opened in December 2022.

The name Tanah Barak is said to have been taken from the condition of the cliffs in the area which are relatively white to slightly reddish in color.

This Barracks Land Spot is about 300 meters long and 8 meters wide, dividing a cliff that is about 40 meters high.

The location of Tanah Barak is a tourist area development on Pandawa Beach with unspoiled beach views and beautiful sunsets behind limestone cliffs.

The beauty of Tanah Barak Beach

Tanah Barak Beach
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Surrounded by green plants and clean sea, this beach which is next to a limestone cliff has white sand and lots of coral.

When you are on this beach you can witness the beauty of the sunset behind the unspoiled limestone cliffs, this is what makes this beach so exotic.

The thing that you have to remember is that before you go to the barracks land beach area, you will be faced with the beauty of the cliffs from the hill that is split, where many people take pictures because the conditions between these cliffs are indeed very impressive.

Condition of Tanah Barak Beach

Tanah Barak Beach
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The condition of the road to Tanah Barak Beach is good, guys, but you are strongly advised to use a motorbike because there is no parking space for cars or buses.

If you use a car or bus, you are forced to park your car and bus at the Pandawa Beach parking lot and rent a vehicle from Pandawa Beach to be delivered to Tanah Barak Beach.

Even though it feels a little complicated, once you arrive at Tanah Barak Bali beach you will not feel at a loss and your tiredness will disappear because you see the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean.

Well, this beach has lots of coral, you have to keep wearing shoes so that your feet don’t get scratched because of the rough coral when you want to play on the shoreline.

Location of Tanah Barak Beach

Considering that this beach is a development of Pandawa Beach tourism, the location is indeed close to Pandawa Beach.

If you want to enter this beach area, you must first pass through the Pandawa Beach gate before entering the Tanah Barak access road.

The ticket price for entering Tanah Barak Beach is IDR 8,000 per person for domestic adults, IDR 4,000 for domestic children and IDR 15,000 for foreign tourists. For the price of motorbike parking, a fee of Rp. 2 thousand only.

Tanah Barak Beach as an Alternative Tourism Object

Tanah Barak Beach
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According to the Head of Planning and Development of DTW Pantai Pandawa, Tanah Barak Beach will be developed into an exotic tourist spot.

Other necessary supporting facilities will also be built. On this beach a number of glamping will also be built.

Then the road flanked by cliffs is deliberately conceptualized not only as access for motorized vehicle traffic. The road will be specifically designated as an alternative object for photography activities.

Which later you can feel more secure and comfortable without having to worry about the many vehicles passing by when hunting photos. Likewise for motorists, they don’t need to stop because of photography activity.


How, are you interested in coming to this new beach? Don’t forget to stop by this beach and keep it clean, okay, because this place currently doesn’t have a food stall. Well, keep an eye on the weather to come here…

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