Surfing Point in Bali With Amazing Waves

Visa4Bali – It’s time to go back on vacation! After almost 2 years we have all experienced social distancing and regional restrictions that are happening all over the world, including the island of Bali. Now the government has begun to be able to control the transmission rate of the Covid-19 virus, and therefore now the doors of the Indonesian state have been opened again for foreign nationals.

This also has an impact on the tourism sector, many tourist attractions have been reopened, even hotels, resorts and villas have also started doing promotions to return to normal operations. Now Bali is one of the places that is a dream for many travelers because it has so many beautiful and amazing places. The beach is an iconic part of the island, and a favorite thing for both local and foreign tourists to do on the beach is surfing.

This time we will provide information about the beaches in Bali which are the best surfing spots. Here we have summarized the surfing points in Bali that you can add to your list as the most fun water sports

Kuta beach

Kuta is very famous for its beautiful beaches. Kuta beach has a very charming and beautiful sunset view that will make people fascinated when they see it. On the one hand, this beach is a popular spot for surfing for beginners. There are lots of surf spots with different levels of waves that you can adjust according to your skills. Not only local tourists who meet this beach, but also very many foreign tourists.

Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach is also a very popular beach for its beautiful sunsets. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset to close your day perfectly. In addition to having a view and beauty that is so alluring, many surfers make this beach a surfing point. Beginner surfers will be very suitable at Canggu beach because this beach is similar to Kuta beach with different levels of waves. Around the beach, there are many places that rent surfing equipment that you can choose according to your taste.

Green Bowl Beach

This beach is located in the Uluwatu area, which is a very famous area for the art and culture of the Kecak dance. In addition to enjoying the Kecak dance which is so popular and worldwide, you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches surrounded by cliffs by surfing there. The condition of the waves on the green bowl beach is very well known among surfers around the world. You can enjoy your favorite water-sport and your adrenaline will definitely increase if you surf here because the waves are so amazing!

Impossible Beach

Still in the Uluwatu area, this beach is only allowed to be entered by professional surfers. This does not mean that people are not allowed to enjoy the beauty of the beach, it’s just that if visitors want to surf here, they will only be allowed if you have pocketed the title of a professional surfer. This is because the condition of the waves on this beach is very high and it will be dangerous if the surfer playing there is still a beginner level. But it turns out that enjoying this beach is not only by surfing, you can enjoy the scenery on this Impossible beach without having to surf. The atmosphere around the beach is very beautiful, the water is so clear and there are many rocks along the shoreline. Guaranteed you will heal your stress and boredom here!

Balangan Beach

This beach is a very famous beach as a playground for world surfers. So many surfers have come here because they fell in love with the waves. But you need to know that the waves on this beach are extreme and high, so only professionals are allowed to surf on this beach.

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