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Stories About The Janger Bali Dance

Janger Bali Dance
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Visa Bali Info – Janger Bali Dance

It has a lot of tourism potential, both natural tourism and traditional and cultural tourism. Natural tourism in the form of beautiful beaches, mountains, and clear rice fields no longer needs to be doubted.

But Bali also has a type of cultural art that is no less interesting than the beauty of tourism that already exists in Bali.

Like art in the form of dance, there are many types of dance in Bali. Such as the Kecak Dance, Legong Dance, Mask Dance, and many more types of dances.

What we will review this time is the Janger Dance, what is its history and properties?

History Of The Janger Bali Dance

Janger Bali Dance
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History records that the Janger Bali dance was created by I Gede Dharna around the 1920s in the North Bali region. Janger dance is a traditional dance that, at first, was a form of singing from the farmers.

Having a very sacred nature, the Janger Bali dance is a development of the Sang Hyang dance. Because of the sacredness of this dance, it is only performed at certain times.

When the Janger dance is performed, this dance uses songs that are sung together and shouted to each other during the Janger Bali dance.

The word “janger” can also be translated as “infatuated,” which refers to the meaning of falling in love. Because at the beginning of its emergence, the Janger dance was used as a medium of entertainment for coffee farmers, the movements designed for the Janger dance were quite simple and uncomplicated.

Had Become a Complicated History

Janger Bali Dance
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You can find Janger dancing around the Bangli area in the villages of Metara, Tabanan, Badung in the village of Sibang, and Buleleng in the village of Bulian. In each of these areas, there are different variations of the Janger dance.

In its development, the Janger dance has become a complicated part of Bali’s history. In the 1960s, the Janger dance was often used by the elite and staged in various activities of political parties, including the PKI.

Because it was used by the elite in 1963, the Janger dance was considered a pro-PKI dance. At that time, Indonesia was battered by stories of rebellion by the Indonesian Communist Party.

It gave rise to many conflicts and disputes among the people, which then made the Janger dance rarely performed because it was considered dangerous for related parties.

The Janger dance also disappeared after the G-30 S PKI incident. After the G-30 S PKI incident, not only did the Janger dance disappear, but several Janger artists who were considered to have aligned with the PKI were killed and ostracized. So in 1963, it became the year of the fall for the Janger dance.

Until the 1970s, the Janger dance began to become popular again, and the notion that this dance was pro-PKI began to disappear.

Janger Dance Property

Janger Bali Dance
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There are five property components that dancers must use. Every component that must be worn and present in the Janger dance performance.

This is because the fulfillment of the property will make the concept of the Janger dance as a whole. The following are the components that must be met in the Janger dance :

  • Janger Loop
  • Balinese Pattern Fabric
  • Belt
  • Badong right bracelet, ompak-ompak, and once
  • Fan

Function Of The Janger Dance

Janger Bali Dance
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Initially, the Janger dance was used by certain people for sacred, honorable, or certain other events.

The development of the Janger Bali dance has shifted so that its function at this time is as an entertainment medium that can be enjoyed and witnessed by anyone.

Meaning Of The Janger Dance

The Janger Bali dance has the meaning of happiness and joy regarding the life and association of young people, according to the accompanying song for the Janger dance.


Whatever dance art exists in Bali, it’s a good idea for us to continue to preserve it. In fact, not only in the form of dance. Hopefully the information about the Janger Bali dance above is useful for you.

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