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Stop by at the Beautiful Ujung Karangasem Park

Ujung Karangasem Park
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Visa Bali Info – Beautiful Ujung Karangasem Park

Taman Ujung Karangasem is also commonly called Taman Soekasada, this park is also a relic of the Karangasem kingdom of Bali.

This park is located about 5 kilometers southeast of the city of Amlapura. During the Dutch East Indies period, this place was known as Waterpaleis or “water palace” (Wikipedia).

History of Ujung Karangasem Park

In 1909, a park was built, which was initiated by Raja Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. He involved a Dutch architect named van Den Hentz and a Chinese architect named Loto Ang.

Apart from foreign architecture, the construction of this park also involves traditional architecture, namely the undagi. This development also received instructions from Mr. Wardodjojo, who is a technician from the Public Works Department.

Along with the development of this garden, it was damaged during the Japanese occupation. The garden’s iron fence was used as a tool to fight the Japanese.

In addition, this park experienced eruptions and earthquakes from Mount Agung, so the beauty of Ujung Karangasem Park could not be seen.

It was only in 2000 that the Karangasem government made repairs to Sukasada Park without changing the original shape of the building, which was once the resting place of the Karangasem king. This repair and conservation can be done with the help of the World Bank.

Until the end of 2003, this park could be visited by tourists who were on vacation in Bali.

Architecture of the King’s Rest Palace Karangasem Bali

Ujung Karangasem Park
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Merging of medieval European architecture and Balinese architecture. The distinctive feature of European architecture can be seen in the presence of colorful glass on the walls of the king’s resting place, similar to the designs of churches in Europe.

From the window in the king’s resting room, you can see a pond with white and red Tunjung (lotus) flowers.

Best Photo Spot

Ujung Karangasem Park
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At a gate called Bale Kapal, here you will find a spot that is at a height decorated with large pillars without a roof so that three natural views are presented at once.

Among them are Ujung Park, beautiful beaches, and mountains. Usually this location is very often used for pre-wedding locations.

There are three large pools.

Ujung Karangasem Park
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In Taman Ujung there are 3 large ponds, where these 3 large ponds are located in one place but are separated.

  • 1 pond is in the south, and there is a building in the middle of the pond. The name of this building is Bale Bengong. The building of Bale Bengong does not use walls.
  • 2 ponds in the north. In the middle of the pond in the north, there is a bridge that is used to cross the pond.

In the middle of the pond, which is connected by a bridge, there is a building that was used as the resting place of the king of Karangasem. Because the king’s resting place looks like it’s hanging, the locals call it the “hanging palace.”

Price of admission

Ujung Karangasem Park
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According to, the price of an entrance ticket to Taman Ujung Soekasada is still relatively affordable.

The entrance ticket costs 10,000 rupiah per person and a parking fee of 5,000 rupiah per car.

Location and Hours of Operation

Location Taman Ujung, Br. Office, Tumbu, Kec. Karangasem, Karangasem Regency, Bali. If you start your trip from the center of Denpasar, you will need about two hours of travel, with a distance of 70 kilometers to Taman Ujung.

For operational hours, Taman Ujung is open every day, starting from 07.00 to 19.00 WITA.


When you go to Bali, don’t forget to stop by the Karangasem area, stop by Taman Ujung. You will find artistic buildings from the Karangasem kingdom long ago.

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