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Stimulate Adrenaline By Playing Swing On The Hill And Playing Exploring Tegalalang Nature With ATV

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Tegalalang Village Ubud Bali has the charm of natural tourist attractions that can soothe the heart. With the background of terraced rice fields so that it gives birth to its own charm in the Ubud Bali area.

Did you know that Tegalalang is very popular with its terraced rice fields. The regular rice terraces created by the Almighty are truly captivating.

Tegalalang Tourism Village

In Tegalalang Village, Ubud Bali, you will be able to feel a clean and natural air by enjoying the rice plants and the grove of coconut trees around the rice fields surrounded by beautiful hills.

The expanse of green rice and exotic hillside views are natural scenery that can soothe the heart through natural scenery that can soothe the heart through the sight of the eye.

Especially when the morning starts to turn yellow, that’s where you can see a view of the mounds of land that are neatly arranged with the color of yellowing rice decorating the beautiful and beautiful stretch of rice fields.

Swinging Pampered while Enjoying the Green Rice Fields of Tegalalang

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This Bali Swing tour is suitable for those of you who like to test adrenaline in nature. Playing swing feels an extraordinary sensation you will feel, floating in the air as if flying freely.

Bali Swing Tegalalang which hangs between two palm trees is located in the village of Tegalalang, north of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

This swing overlooks the beautiful scenery which is nothing but terraces of rice fields and is always crowded with tourists.

There are 2 swing spots with different heights ;

  1. The first is Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swings
  2. Terrace River Pool Swing Bali

ATV Adventure

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Actually activities other than Bali swing, there are also rafting, tubing, electric bicycles, vw tours, elephant park and ATV.

Things to prepare and bring when playing ATV ;

  1. Change of Clothes

This is important because you will be walking through the forest and mud so your clothes will get wet.

2. Plastic bags

For extra preparation, store wet clothes.

3. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

It’s also important, sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s rays during outdoor activities.

Mosquito repellent cream can also protect you when you pass through forests that are usually a lot of mosquitoes.

4. Camera

Of course you don’t want to go through various exciting vacation moments, don’t you, the camera or camera on your cellphone really helps you in capturing your vacation moments.

5. Extra money

Bring enough extra cash for your individual needs such as buying drinks or food after the adventure.

Enjoy ATV and Swing

Ride an ATV for 2 hours to see the beauty of the Tegalalang Bali countryside. Swing after that. Price: USD 99.00 per person (minimum 2 participants), including lunch and shuttle to the location (maximum 15 km from Bali Swing). Reservation is mandatory.

Location of Bali Swing Tegalalang

This swing ride is in Tegalalang Village, Ubud. Precisely located in the area of ​​Uma Pakel civet coffee agrotourism.

Route to Bali Swing Tegalalang Ubud

To go to Tegalalang you can use a private vehicle. The following is the route to Bali Swing Tegalalang Ubud:

  • It takes about 2 hours drive from Kuta. if you are in the city of Ubud you can drive for 30 minutes via Jl. Raya Ubud heading to Jl. Suweta.
  • Take Jl. Raya Semana to Jl. Blowing Kingdom in Abiansemal. Then take Jl. Yuda Stairs to Jl. Goddess Saraswati at Bongkasa Pertiwi.


– Restaurant

– Toilet

– Souvenir shop

There are many shops on either side of the road, or if you are looking for a gift shop in Ubud.


Enjoy a vacation in Tegalalang, Ubud by trying tourist destinations in it. Immediately pack your suitcases and welcome to Bali.

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