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Stay in the Middle of the Jungle by Mara River Safari Lodge Bali

mara river safari lodge
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Visa Bali Info – Mara River Safari Lodge

Ever imagined sleeping in the wild but with facilities like 5 stars? You already know that your imagination is not just a fantasy but a real one.

In Bali itself there are inns where you can see some animals that usually live in the wild can just pass by like in their habitat.

Mara River Safari Lodge

Hotel Mara river safari lodge is a four-star hotel located right in the Bali safari park area.

The location of the inn is unique, isn’t it? Here you will feel the sensation of staying with the roar of the lion and the screams of the elephant.

Because it is located right in the Bali safari park when you are on the balcony of your room, you will immediately get access to views of the Bali safari park.

While relaxing on the balcony of the room, you directly see the animals of the Bali safari park grazing to eat.

Mara River Safari Lodge Design

mara river safari lodge
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Mara river safari lodge adopts the exterior design of the place with the architectural design atmosphere of the lodges that are residential for typical African people.

While interior design you will find luxurious furniture from clay to African-style tribal artifacts.

Of course this is the best photo location for you to upload on your social media.

There are 4 Room Types of Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara river safari lodge provides 4 types of rooms to suit your needs while staying, these four types of rooms include;

  • Swala Deluxe

This deluxe Swala type is suitable for those of you who will stay alone with your partner, the deluxe swala room is on the ground floor of this hotel.

  • Twiga Deluxe

This deluxe Twiga type is the same as the deluxe swala type, suitable for those of you who will stay alone with a partner, only the location of the room is different, which is on the top floor.

  • Kifaru Family Suites dan
  • Tembo Family Suites

The types of Kifaru family suites and Tembo family suites are of course true to their name, these two types are suitable for those of you who will stay with your family.

Dining At Tsavo Lion

mara river safari lodge
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Mara river safari lodge provides restaurant facilities that are no less interesting, there is a Tsavo lion restaurant.

Tsavo lion restaurant is a typical African themed restaurant. A variety of Indonesian and Western specialties served with the best taste and quality.

You can try breakfast with a lion with only a glass border, it will also be an experience that will not be forgotten.

Mara River Safari Lodge Provides Safari Journey

mara river safari lodge
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When you stay here, this hotel provides other exciting facilities. They provide Safari package facilities.

In addition to staying, you also go on a safari, C

Simply by choosing the Safari Package, you can already get access to the Bali Safari Park to see animals, safari journeys by bus and watch various animal shows.

Location of Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara river safari lodge is located on Jalan Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra 19, Serongga, Kec. Gianyar, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80551, precisely located inside the Bali Safari & Marine Park.

To get here, you just need to open maps on your cellphone application or you can use online transportation.

If you start your journey from Ngurah Rai Airport, you will need 1 hour to arrive at the Mara river safari lodge location.

If you start the journey from Sanur, it will take you 20 minutes to arrive, if you start the journey from Ubud it will take you 45 minutes.


  • Disabled friendly
  • Disabled parking facilities
  • Disabled swimming pool facilities

This unique hotel offers the sensation of staying overnight accompanied by various wild animals from Africa, ranging from zebras, elephants, to lions. This exciting experience will not be forgotten when you stay and vacation in Bali.

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