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Having a very popular attraction in the form of beaches, Bali positions itself as a favorite tourist spot for tourists.

The attractiveness of this destination is what makes Bali visited by many tourists. Both domestic tourists and non-domestic tourists.

It turns out that Bali is nicknamed the “Island of the Gods” but Bali also has another nickname, namely “The City of 1000 Hotels”. of course this is true because where there are tourist destinations, lodging will also mushroom there.

This time we will discuss one of the hotels in Bali that offers the best facilities with exotic panoramas, see!

 Alila Ubud
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Hotel Alila Ubud Bali

Alila Ubud provides services not only in the form of the best shaped facilities, on the other hand Alila Ubud also provides its own serenity to visitors.

The serenity and beauty of the green nature will give you a special impression when you stay here.

For a moment, you will forget about fatigue and city life, which is increasingly crowded and polluted.

Exotic Hotel Design

Can you imagine, a hotel that presents a view of a traditional Balinese village which is high up on a hill far above the Ayung river.

With rooms and villas lined up on the edge of the Ayung river valley. You can enjoy this spectacular view from the balconies.

The hotel design that combines traditional Balinese nuances with modern geometric architecture makes the Alila Ubud Hotel different from other hotels.

A masterpiece of architect Kerry Hill has managed to find harmony between concrete walls and thatched roofs, terrazzo floors with pebbles and stones, wood with glass.

This combination gives the end result of a unique and exotic hotel design. The freshness of nature with warm lighting settings ensures that you will have a comfortable stay with extraordinary comfort.

Has 3 Types of Rooms With Luxurious Facilities

Alila Ubud
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When you visit this hotel, you can choose the type of room that suits your needs during your stay.

Here are 3 types of rooms that you can choose according to your needs, including;

  • Superior Room

Located on the top floor, this hotel offers a private balcony to enjoy a relaxing afternoon while enjoying the view of the Ayung River valley. Measuring 30 m2, this room is equipped with a bathroom with shower, mini bar, safe, water heater, and also Wi-Fi.

  • Deluxe Room

Located on the ground floor, you will get a room with twice the area of ​​the superior type. The view offered is the garden and the Ayung River valley.

Equipped with the same facilities as the Superior type, but with a semi-open bathroom concept and a large bathtub for your relaxation, of course.

  • Villa Type

There are three types of villas offered by Alila Ubud, Valley Villas, Pool Villas and Terrace Tree Villas. Facilities in the form of a separate work space, a large terrace, a wider room, as well as special villa arrival and departure services are the features of this type. There is even a private swimming pool for one of the villa types.

Alila Ubud facilities

Alila Ubud
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Hotel Art Gallery

For you art connoisseurs, this hotel has an art gallery, the gallery here displays many works by local artists.

Alila’s Signature Luxury Spa

For those of you who are used to body treatments, Alila Ubud also provides luxury spa facilities typical of Alila hotels.

Library room

For those of you who like to read, there is also a library and lounge with internet access.


Alila Ubud
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By serving Balinese specialties, the restaurant has a thick Balinese architecture and atmosphere. You will be accompanied by beautiful natural scenery which will certainly add to the exoticism of your dining experience.


Your vacation experience will be even more interesting, isn’t it, this hotel is also very suitable for those of you who have honeymoon plans or you just want to enjoy a staycation.


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