Bali Island

Special Things You Can Find On Bali Island

Facts About Bali Island

Bali Visa Info – Who doesn’t know Bali island? All people around the world knowing this place as heavenly destination for doing vacation. Many tourists made this island as their tourist destination for having fun with their family and friends. This beautiful island is having a lot of good spot for doing several activities. For you who love natural scenery, there are beaches and mountain. Water sport and hiking are really most interesting activity in this amazing island. Enjoying beautiful and refreshing atmosphere around you will make you feels recharge. There are beautiful beaches with white sands perfected by having mesmerizing sunrise and sunset that you can enjoy during your visit on Bali island. There is good fact that you need to know, Bali island was included in the top 25 Popular Destinations, winning popular destination in Asia beating Phuket, Thailand. Bali island is also beating Rome, Sicily, Barcelona until Tokyo!

Special Things In Bali Island

Not only beaches and mountain as natural tourism that you can found in this island, there are forest and also waterfall. All of them you can meet if you come and visit Bali island. Take couple days in this island, and you can visit many good spots. There are also spots that made by people such water park, zoo or sunset club can be found in here too. Other than having fun with nature, you need to know other special things that Bali island have as below

Bali IslandStrong culture

Indonesia country having thousands of island. By having so many island, this country having several cultures. One of the most island that having strong culture in Indonesia is Bali island. There is traditional dance called Kecak dance being the most iconic traditional culture in Bali. Local people are also doing some traditional rituals that still carried out until today. That’s why some tourist who love learning about cultures are interest to visit this amazing island!

Natural wealth

This point is have been known by many people around the world. Beautiful beaches, mountain, waterfall, and forest have been exist to enhance Bali island. The beaches are having interesting underwater world and water sport as well. High mountain is available for people who love hiking. Waterfall is also available for people who want to feel relax and refresh. Complete, isn’t it?

Friendly local people

Many tourist agreed that Indonesia having friendly society. This is also workable in Bali island. Because of this friendly society, the tourism industry in Bali island getting increase too and made foreigners wants to come and visit Bali!

Culinary treasure

Bali has their own culinary taste that you can’t find in other place! The spices they use make the food served perfectly, for example is Bali is having Typical Betutu Chicken. This food is really tasty and popular in Bali island, and you should try this one!

Diverse tourist destinations

The most popular tourism spot in Bali island is Kuta and Sanur. In those area, you can find a lot of interesting tourist destination that being favorite place for foreigners. Beach club and sunset club, water sport, and also kid spots are available to visit!

Various accommodation

In Bali island, you will find affordable prices comparing to other tourist destination around the world. Hotels, resort, home-stay until bed and breakfast are available to tourist even for domestic and foreign tourists serving in affordable prices.

But if you want to just visit without having complicated things during your vacation, you may use helps from the travel agencies in Bali island. There are so many good travel agencies you can found in Bali.

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