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Simple Tours at Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali

Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali
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Visa Bali Info – Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali

Tukad Unda Waterfall in Semarapura Klungkung is one of the tourist attractions located in Tukad Yeh Unda, Semarapura Kelod Kangin Village, Karangasem District, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

This Tukad Unda Waterfall is actually a Dam or Dam which is also called the Tukad Unda Dam.

The Unda Tukad Dam was built on the largest river in Bali, namely the Yeh Unda river. On the south side there is a long bridge built over the river which is the route or road connecting the districts of Klungkung and Karangasem.

Being very popular because it has its own charm to be used as a simple but fun tourist spot, see our review of this Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali.

Tukad Unda Dam Attraction / Tukad Unda Waterfall

Tukad Unda Waterfall

Tukad Unda Bali is a water dam or dam located in one of the famous rivers in Bali, namely the flow of the Yeh Unda river.

Water from the Yeh Unda river has existed since ancient times which was then used as a source of irrigation water for local residents.

The Yeh Unda River itself is a water source that comes from a combination of several rivers, so that this river’s water hardly recedes throughout the season.

What makes Tukad Unda interesting is that this water dam has a swift flow of water and passes through the dam, creating a beautiful view of a waterfall.

Uniquely, the shape of the waterfall in Tukad Unda looks flat and flat and adjusts to the length of the dam so that it looks like a layered curtain of water.



Tukad Unda Waterfall
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It has cool and fresh air and large stones are washed up in the upper reaches of the river when it’s not raining, the water in the river looks very beautiful and clear.

The water currents are quite swift, often Tukad Unda is also used as a vehicle for rafting.

This rafting activity is carried out when the volume of river water is not so large, but when it rains which causes the volume of the Tukad Unda river to increase, it is quite dangerous.

The Tukad Unda flow is often used as a location for rafting because it has good and suitable attractions and challenges.

Photo Hunting

Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali

Tukad Unda Dam was built with a multilevel design, the upper level is higher than the level below it.

It has a swift flow, so that the water that falls on the second level looks like a water curtain. Who would have thought that the Tukad Unda Dam would become a photo hunting location.

Even photo hunting is not just visitors who deliberately play in the water, but professional photographers also bring the bride and groom to take pre-wedding photos here.

Facilities at Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali

This one tourist spot has facilities that you can take advantage of while visiting, including ;

  • Vehicle Parking Area
  • Lodging
  • Bathroom / toilet
  • Rest area
  • Restaurant

Tukad Unda Waterfall Opening Hours

This artificial waterfall has been visited by many tourists, especially for those who like to play water.

For the opening hours of this waterfall itself is open 24 hours, but the time that is most used by tourists for sightseeing and playing starts from noon to evening.

Transportation to Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali

To get to the location of this waterfall, you can use public transportation or private vehicles.

For public transportation, you can start with public buses or other transportation. You can stop in Karangasem District, after that continue by using a motorcycle taxi to Semarapura Kelod Kangin Village until you arrive at the Tukad Unda Waterfall Bali Tourism location in Semarapura.

For private vehicles, the intended route is the same as using public transportation. You can also open the location on the maps so you don’t go to the wrong direction.


Occasionally enjoy a tour that is simple but fun and can create its own memory. The information above may be useful for those of you who want to go to this waterfall or DAM.


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