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Side by Side With Nature In Banyan Tree Escape

banyan tree escape
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Visa Bali Info – Banyan Tree Escape

Have you ever imagined for you to sleep and relax in the middle of the thick green leaves of the trees that coincide with growing shady?

However, you still feel the facilities like in well-known hotels with extraordinary service.

The concept above now no longer needs to be imagined, you can immediately make a reservation to try to stay.

You can stay at the Buahan Banyan Tree Escape, here you will really feel how to get along with nature directly.

Bale Buahan Banyan Tree Escape

banyan tree escape
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Buahan Banyan Tree Escape is a resort that opened in September 2021 in Ubud, Bali. It has the concept of connecting with nature and society.

Each bale room unit removes wall and door components and is surrounded directly by lush foliage and is located near the Ayung River and waterfalls.

This inn only has 16 exclusive villas. Each villa is enveloped in nature to provide privacy and a sense of peace.

Interestingly, each villa in this place also has a private pool (private pool) and an open terrace where you can enjoy views of the landscape and the beauty of Mount Agung.

Each villa measures 165 sqm and is decorated with rattan and wood furnishings.

Witnessing the Rows of 7 Mountains from the Plant Base Accompanied by the Best Drinks and Foods

banyan tree escape
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Like a bale, the kitchen at Banyan Tree Escape is open, which is called an open kitchen. There is not even a mosquito net or other barrier that separates the kitchen from the living room or the guest lounge.

Thus, guests can immediately see the activities of the chefs concocting various menus that will be served to guests, ranging from making various snacks, various drinks, appetizers to desserts.

There is also an open kitchen here, you can take cooking classes that are tutored by the chef here. Both open kitchen and living room are located in one area called the plant base.

With a natural panorama that can be seen from an angle of 180 degrees. At this plant base, in the morning or when the weather is clear, you can see a row of 7 mountains while sipping the warmth of the best tea or coffee made by the Banyan Tree Escape chefs.

Enjoying Typical Culinary of the Island of the Gods

Sourced with local natural ingredients, here serves typical cuisine of the island of the gods. Like the menu, Timbungan Octopus is an octopus that is cut into pieces with Balinese-style spices, put in bamboo which is then grilled or grilled.

There is also Bebek Betutu, Jukut Kelor, which is a Moringa leaf vegetable with coconut milk sauce and Balinese spices, Jukut Paku, Vegetable Ares, which is vegetables from young banana stems, yellow rice, banana compote, and of course complete with crackers and chili sauce. This menu is served for a busy or communal lunch.

While the menu for dinner includes various snack creations, Winged Bean, Three Grain Porridge, Chinese Cabbage Steak, Grilled Fish, and Bonny, a dark red tart made from local berries and coconut.

Activities That Can Be Participated in Buahan Banyan Tree Escape

Banyan Tree Escape offers a variety of activities that you can participate in to provide unique knowledge and experiences about local culture and traditions. Some of these activities are held inside the resort area, some are outside the resort.

Activities that can be followed include practicing various types of yoga, trekking to waterfalls and the Ayung River, finding and gathering various food ingredients in the wild, making Balinese herbal medicine or loloh, participating in chakra and sound healing, taking ayurvedic classes, and also various Balinese traditions and ceremonies such as melukat. Melukat takes place at a sacred temple outside the Banyan Tree Escape resort.

Tiredness and fatigue of your activities will pay off when you enter the main entrance of the Banyan Tree Escape Resort, the natural atmosphere of a calm and quiet forest is immediately felt.

Instantly you will immediately feel connected to nature (connecting to nature) in the highlands of Buahan Village.

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