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Shop for duty-free branded goods at Dfs T Galleria Mall Bali

dfs t galleria
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DFS T Galleria –

The interesting thing that we can say about Bali this time is the mall. The mall this time is a little different from malls in Indonesia in general.

For those of you who have shopping as a hobby, this mall is suitable for you to visit. Apart from having exotic natural attractions, delicious culinary tours, this time you will have a shopping tour.

Then what place is meant? DFS T Galleria Mall Bali. For more details, see our review of this mall.

DFS Group

DFS Group is the world’s leading luxury travel retailer. Founded in Hong Kong in 1960, Dfs Group continues to be a pioneer in global luxury travel retail, offering its customers an exceptional selection of carefully selected products from over 700 of the most desirable brands through 420 boutiques across four continents.

DFS T Galleria

dfs t galleria
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Dfs T Galleria is a retail franchise company based in Hong Kong that opened outlets in Bali. This mall contains branded goods that are duty-free for you to take home after your vacation in Bali.

DFS stands for “duty free shoppers” / duty free shops” and is the first duty free shopper in Bali. DFS T Galleria is a business unit of PT Sona Topas Tourism Industry Tbk. The “T” in the name Dfs means “traveler,” so this mall is also intended for you travelers when visiting Bali.

This duty-free shop is run by PT Inti Dufree Promosindo, a company formed in 1990. The location used for DFS Galleria Bali is land and buildings that are owned by the mall itself.

Gathering of Luxury Goods

dfs t galleria
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You could say it’s a gathering place for luxury goods, because more than 100 luxury goods are sold here.

Such as Cartier, Omega, Tissot, Longines, Gucci Watches, Hermès Watches, Tag Heuer, Rado, Mido, and Seven Friday watch brands. There are even bags, perfumes, and others.

With a row of branded goods, of course the goods here are all duty-free. At least you can save up to 20% when shopping at other domestic retail stores.

DFS T Galleria Has Professional Staff

dfs t galleria
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In its service, Dfs T Galleria can help you find what you are looking for, a very professional Dfs team is ready to help you.

The DfS team is equipped with the skills to speak in various languages, including Indonesian, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Worldwide Guarantee

dfs t galleria
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You will have an interesting experience when shopping at this mall. Of course you will shop with confidence at DFS because of the 100% worldwide guarantee.

All merchandise can be exchanged, repaired, or returned, with a receipt, even back home, by contacting one of the DFS After Sales locations located around the world.

Location of DFS T Galleria

Dfs T Galleria is located at Jalan. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Denpasar City, Bali. For operating hours, it is open every day from 10 a.m. to 22 p.m. (WITA).

The location of the Dfs T Galleria mall is in the center of Bali. So you will easily find this mall.


The Dfs T Galleria mall above can be your alternative tourist spot while in Bali. Or it can also be a place to buy souvenirs to be used as souvenirs when you return from Bali.

Information about Dfs T Galleria is provided above, hopefully it can be useful for you.

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