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Understand Tips For How To Have A Safety Tour in Bali

Visa4Bali – Tour in Bali. The doors of the Indonesian state have been reopened for foreign nationals in accordance with the regulations from the government that have been released, but some people are still hesitant to carry out holiday activities because we are still in a pandemic atmosphere. Although the government has given an appeal that tourism is now allowed to return, there are still some people who feel anxious about going on vacation.

Now for travelers who want to return to the island of Bali, there is no need to worry, we have some tips that you can apply when you decide to take vacation to Bali island. You don’t need to worry about your tourist activities on this beautiful island. Here we have summarized, let’s check below tips to take tour in Bali.

Some tips to have a safety tour in Bali

Prepare travel plans and make reservations

Knowing that the gates of the Indonesian state have been reopened, it’s better for you to book flight tickets and hotels as soon as possible. There are many promos carried out by airlines and the hotels in Bali. Some even make a policy that you can book the promo now and pay for it later when you get there. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Visit nature tourism

If you still have concerns about the covid-19 virus, it would be better if you choose a natural tourist location. Because it is based on information that the COVID-19 virus is easily transmitted through the air with poor circulation. While nature tourism has very good air circulation. The organizers usually will implement health protocols by providing hand washing and temperature checks. Nevertheles, you still have to wear a mask and also always carry hand sanitizer wherever you go.

Choose Villa as lodging

If you are afraid of being in a crowd, then it is better to choose a villa as your place to stay while in Bali. The villa is considered very suitable because it is private and safer.

Bring personal medicine

We don’t know when we are healthy and sick, so it would be nice if tourists bring personal medicine. Of course, it will be very helpful if tourists also separate certain medicines into special bags to make it easier.

Getting around Bali by renting a car

In addition to saving your transportation costs compared to taking other public transportation, renting a car completed with the driver is the right choice because this is a complete package. The driver will usually show you the recommended locations for tourists, and traveling around feels safer and reduces the frequency of meeting many people.

Choose lodging with complete facilities

If you have no problem with staying at a hotel, then try to choose a hotel with complete facilities. Tourists usually want to have a hotel that has a private beach, because tourists do not need to go far to the beach. Or choose a hotel that is strategically located with other tourist attractions. In addition, tourists usually want to have other personal facilities such as bathrooms, private swimming pools, sports venues and also restaurants that have delicious dishes.

tour in Bali

Sunbathing to increase vitamin D

The island of Bali is very famous for its beautiful beaches. Well, it seems that this place is the most appropriate place to get rid of the viruses that stick to your body, namely by basking in the sun. You can come to the beach or on the rooftop where you stay to get some sunshine.

Well, the tips above you can use while you are traveling on the island of Bali. Tourist attractions will start to get busy again, because the Indonesian state has opened its doors again for foreign nationals. If you need help getting back here, please contact us!

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