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Reviewing the city of Buleleng Bali

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Visa Bali Info – Buleleng Bali

Have you ever spent your vacation in only one area? Have you ever thought about how the area can be named with a distinctive name.

If you are in Bali and are already familiar with life in Bali, maybe you will know one area, namely Buleleng.

According to wikipedia, Buleleng is one of the regencies in the province of Bali, Indonesia. The capital city is Singaraja.

Buleleng is bordered by the Java Sea to the north, the Bali Strait to the west, and Karangasem Regency to the east. Jembrana, Bangli, Tabanan and Badung regencies in the south.

We will give a little overview about Buleleng, check it out!

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Buleleng, North Bali

Buleleng is one of the regencies located in the tourist area of ​​​​northern Bali. The capital of this district is called Singaraja.

Buleleng is a kingdom that was founded in the mid 17th century. This kingdom is based on the island of Bali and was founded by I Gusti Nglurah Panji Sakti who is a member of the Kepakisan Dynasty.

Lineage of the Buleleng Kingdom

I Gusti Nglurah Panji Sakti (1660-1697 AD) was the first king and founder of the Buleleng Kingdom. He founded the Buleleng Kingdom in 1660 which later developed and became known as the Buleleng Kingdom.

Then continued by the son of I Gusti Nglurah Panji Sakti, namely Gusti Panji Gede Danudarasta (1697-1732 AD).

Next up are Gusti Alit Panji (1757-1757 AD), Gusti Ngurah Jelantik (1757-1780 AD), Gusti Made Singaraja (1793 AD), and many more.

Until 2004, the last King of Buleleng to serve was Anak Agung Nguirah Brawida. All leaders of the Buleleng government are appointed according to the hereditary order.

Buleleng Kingdom and Heritage – its legacy

  1. Cathus Patha

Cathus Patha or known as the Great Peremparan is one of the sites for the restoration of the Buleleng kingdom.

In Cathus Patha there are several temples as places of worship. all the ornaments attached there are very typical of Buleleng.

Here lies the castle where its function is as the seat of the Buleleng kingdom’s government center. This building is a witness to the history of the Buleleng Kingdom.

2. Ancient Mosque

The mosque which was first discovered by the Bajo people is one of the relics of the Buleleng kingdom. At that time the Bajo people were combing the land on the banks of the Buleleng river.

This mosque became a witness when Islam began to enter the Buleleng area of ​​Bali. It is estimated that this mosque was built with the aim of being a place of worship for Muslims at that time.

3. There is a Buleleng Government Port

The next legacy is the port, in the history of the Buleleng kingdom it can be seen that this kingdom used to act as a trading center.

The local people who live there know that this location is one of the trading locations for traders who stop by on the island of Bali.

Exploring Buleleng Through Its Tourist Destinations

As a tourist attraction, Buleleng has a beauty such as a black sand beach, you can visit Lovina beach. On this beach you can see dolphins directly in their natural habitat, with a boat that you can rent in the morning.

Then Buleleng also has an interesting scuba diving location for you diving lovers, you just have to come to the sea waters of Pemuteran Buleleng.

In addition to the beauty of the waters, Buleleng also has a beautiful waterfall. There are many natural waterfall attractions in Buleleng district and the most famous are the Sekumpul waterfalls and Gitgit waterfalls.

In Buleleng there is also a warm pool bath, this is perfect for those of you who like a place to soak in the open. Here you will find four pools of warm water baths that contain sulfur.

No less interesting, Buleleng has a view of terraced rice fields. Named Busungbiu Rice Terraces, it naturally displays natural beauty that is beautiful to the eye.


If you visit Buleleng and want to visit all its interesting places, it’s better if you rent a car or motorbike. This is because not all public transportation is available to tourist objects.

What is reviewed above hopefully can be the best information for you when you want to visit Buleleng.

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