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noir cafe
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Visa Bali Info – After a tiring day around the city of Bali, enjoy the many things Bali has to offer. Surely you will think of a comfortable place and a delicious menu to eat.

There are many cafes, restaurants and even food stalls in Bali with various offers they offer in the form of many menus.

Maybe you should try going to Noir cafe to try various food and drink menus, take a look at our review below.


Thousands of cafes in Bali certainly provide many culinary forms for you to try when you come and vacation to Bali.

Noir Cafe is a unique and interesting place that will make your day while dining very enjoyable.

Having an instagramable place is perfect for you to capture every corner of the place in the form of photos.

Have an Instagrambale Place Design

noir cafe
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Having a unique interior design, Noir cafe provides 2D scratches on each wall.

All corners of the room at Noir cafe are filled with various black and white (monochrome) illustrations. Another unique thing is that when you are on one of the walls, you will find illustration works in the form of pictures of bookshelves and classic-style wall frames which turn out to be manually made by hand.

Then the seats are also painted to resemble the illustrated images on the walls. Another interesting thing is that the floor of the cafe is filled with wooden pictures, which turns out to be hand-painted.

This illustration work is called a mural, for you lovers of image design, this place is perfect for you when you are looking for inspiration.

Instagramable Photo Spots

noir cafe
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As discussed above, if a mural in every corner of the room is the best place for you to capture it in a photo.

The best photo spot that is the most popular at Noir cafe is the corner where the long table is located near the window.

The position of the long table has good lighting angles and there is a bookcase mural that is very aesthetic and looks very clear and nice.

For those of you who often surf on social media, the images that you will get here are suitable for you to upload on your social media accounts, of course.

NOIR Cafe menu

noir cafe
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In addition to having a special interior design, of course NOIR cafe provides a food menu that is no less interesting.

Carrying a modern menu, for you culinary lovers, NOIR cafe is worthy and worthy for you to visit.

The food menu includes various salads, various pizzas, various pastas, various spaghetti, various steaks and tom yum. For you lovers of typical Indonesian food, NOIR cafe also provides chicken soup, grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled ribs, fried tofu and tempeh etc.

Drink menus such as various coffees, various teas, various milkshakes, smoothies, etc

The desert menu includes martabak banana cheese, orange crepes, fried bananas, strawberry banana pancakes.

NOIR Cafe facilities

NOIR cafe facilities are the same as other cafes, facilities such as ;

  • Parking area
  • Free WiFi
  • Clean toilet
  • Bar
  • Children’s menu
  • Seating on the rooftop

For accessibility facilities, NOIR cafe has not provided special facilities for people with disabilities.

Location of NOIR Cafe

Having a strategic location in the center of Bali, NOIR cafe is not difficult to find its place. Located at Jalan Cokroaminoto No. 465, Ubung Kaja, Kec. North Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80116.

You just need to use the maps application to find the location of this cafe. Or if you don’t want to bother, you can use online transportation services.

NOIR Cafe Opening Hours

NOIR cafe’s operating hours are every day, from 11.00 to 21.00 but for the last order around 20.30. So for those of you who want to visit, come at the hour before the last order.


NOIR cafe provides friendly service for you. Hopefully the information about NOIR cafe can be a recommendation for you when you want to have a culinary tour in Bali.

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