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Visiting Bali isn’t quite right without bringing souvenirs to be souvenirs for friends or family.

Here are some recommendations for places to buy souvenirs in Bali ;

Krisna Bali Souvenirs

Bali Souvenirs
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Krisna will be the place to buy souvenirs that are suitable for you, ranging from traditional foods to foods that are currently hits in Bali.

You can buy Balinese specialties such as milk pie, chips, crunchy claws, dried dodol and others. There are also many Balinese specialty coffees such as Kintamani, Mangsi, and Bali Spirit coffee.

Balinese jogger

Bali Souvenirs
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Joger is one of the favorite places that you must visit while on vacation in Bali. Here you will find many typical souvenirs made by jogers.

There are clothes, key chains, sandals and other knick-knacks with unique words.

Heavenly Chocolate Bali

Bali Souvenirs
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Heavenly Chocolate Bali is a hit snack that many tourists are looking for. It has a good taste because it is made from Belgian Chocolate, the presence of the best quality Balinese cacao also makes this souvenir even more premium.

There are several variants of Heavenly Chocolate Bali. You can choose non-alcoholic flavors such as caramel milk, matcha, taro, or dark chocolate.

However, if you are curious about flavors that contain alcohol, rum and baileys flavors can be an option.

The Keranjang Bali 

bali Souvenirs
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The Keranjang Bali offers a mix of traditional tourism that is packaged in a modern way, with many outlets serving Balinese products, such as food, clothing and handicrafts.

Apart from shopping tours, The Keranjang is also equipped with an amusement park which is suitable for relaxing with family or partner and there is also the best spa.

Kuta Bali Art Market

This market is famous for its rayon t-shirt products, the Bali t-shirts sold in this market are t-shirts with the beer logo.

This relatively cheap price is also a favorite place to hunt for souvenirs or just looking for a change of clothes when you run out of casual clothes when you go to Bali.

Sukawati Knick-knacks Market

Sukawati Market provides various Balinese souvenirs. Souvenirs such as clothes, bags and other Balinese knick-knacks.

This market also provides various kinds of Balinese paintings. Everything that is sold at Sukawati Market is the work of Balinese artisans.

Legian Street

Bali Souvenirs
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The Legian area is always crowded with visitors. This is what makes Legian a strategic place to sell souvenirs.

Most traders sell clothing and accessories, such as barong clothes, Balinese cloth, woven cloth, Balinese negligee, Balinese bracelets to wall hangings at affordable prices. Apart from buying souvenirs, in the Legian area there are also many restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs.

Badung Market

This market is perfect for you to visit if you just want to shop for clothes at low prices.

This 24-hour market offers a wide variety of products, from food to souvenirs.

On the first floor, you can see and buy a variety of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and Balinese snacks.

On the second floor, you can find various kinds of spices and herbs for making jamu.

Meanwhile, on the top floor, you can shop for fabrics made by the Balinese, handicrafts and clothing.

Ubud Art Market

Bali Souvenirs

This Ubud Art Market has a beautiful view of artwork which is perfect to visit in the morning when there are not many buyers.

Here there is a large selection of handmade statues, kites, woven bags, hats and other items.

Kumbasari Art Market

This 24-hour art market provides a variety of Balinese crafts and souvenirs. It has 2 floors which are always full of visitors every day.

You can find objects at different prices and the cheapest compared to prices offered in other markets.

Tourists who visit this place can also find a variety of delicious food or can also buy groceries, especially for travelers and backpackers.


Hopefully the recommendations for places to buy Balinese souvenirs above are useful for you while on vacation in Bali.

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