8 Recommendations for Typical Balinese Drinks for Culinary Tour Hunters

Visa Bali Info – Recommendations for Typical Balinese Drinks 

Bebek betutu, sate lilit, nasi jinggo, lawar, and others are Balinese specialties. If there is Balinese food, of course there will be Balinese drinks.

For those of you who are culinary hunters, don’t miss tasting this Balinese food and drink. This time we will provide some recommendations regarding Balinese drinks that are refreshing in accordance with the sometimes hot Bali weather.

Kuwut Ice

Balinese Drinks

The first Balinese drinks we recommend is Kuwut ice. Kuwut ice is one of the most popular drinks in Bali, like mixed ice or high ice.

Es Kuwut is made from several types of fresh fruits, such as coconut and cantaloupe. With the main mixture in the form of syrup, some people even add lime juice to add to the sour taste.

Cemcem Loloh Ice

Balinese Drinks
Ig by @dr_erikfirman

It is made from cemcem leaves, so it is called Es loloh cemcem, actually, this drink is an herbal drink.

This one drink has a spicy, sweet, and salty taste mixed into it. This drink has many benefits. starting from lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, being good for breastfeeding, and many more.

If you come to Penglipuran Village, you will find this special drink, because Penglipuran Village is the origin of this cemcem ice lolly.

Daluman ice

Balinese Drinks
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Daluman ice is also known as “grass jelly ice.” What makes it special is that this daluman ice is usually served with a splash of brown sugar, coconut milk, and ice cubes.

Because it is made from grass jelly leaves, this ice is also a healthy drink, because grass jelly has properties that facilitate bowel movements.

Ice Beer

Balinese Drinks
Ig by @vanajakshi2020

Don’t think that this drink contains alcohol because it’s called “beer”. This beer ice is made from young coconut with the addition of lime.

You will immediately taste the sweet, salty, and refreshing taste the first time you sip it.

This iced beer can be enjoyed anytime, especially on a hot day. If you are interested in tasting the freshness offered by this iced beer, you can easily find it in Bali.

Ice Tambring

Balinese Drinks

This tambring ice is almost the same as beer ice, where the basic ingredients are made from young coconut mixed with palm sugar, free-range chicken egg whites, and tamarind.

Maybe these ingredients sound strange. However, this drink is very special and has a very refreshing taste.

You can only find this one drink when you are in Bali. So, it’s a shame if you don’t taste it while you’re in Bali.

Kolak Ancruk Ice

Balinese Drinks
Ig by @deliciousbali

It consists of compote, ancruk, marrow porridge, fro, shaved ice, syrup, jelly, and coconut milk. Singaraja’s signature drink is actually similar to jenang grendul from Java.

The basic ingredients consist of glutinous rice flour mixed with hot water, which is then formed into spheres. while the kolak itself is prepared with pieces of ripe banana, granulated sugar, pandan leaves, and coconut milk.

Kintamani Sugar Ice

Balinese Drinks
Ig by @luckybayupurnomo115

Made from a mixture of melted sugar syrup, water, and ice cubes, you should also try this ice in the heat of the day.

Its existence is very easy to find in restaurants because the composition is easily available and the color is attractive.

Balinese Coffee

Balinese Drinks
Ig by @kopisoh2017

If you come to Bali without bringing this one souvenir, of course your vacation will feel lacking. Especially for you coffee lovers, tasting coffee is something that must be done to taste typical coffees from certain areas that are being visited.

Bali also has its own specialty coffee. The specialty of this Balinese coffee lies in the process of making it, which is still done traditionally, namely using firewood. Bali Coffee is a processed coffee production that has a delicious aroma that is so distinctive.


Don’t forget to try the 8 recommendations for typical Balinese drinks above, especially for those of you who are hunting for Balinese culinary delights.

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