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Recognize The Duties Of Tourism Police In Bali Island

Visa Bali Info – Bali’s worldwide reputation seems to be one of the things that makes the Balinese police work harder on this amazing island. What Bali island has and offers is very interesting and amazing for both local and foreign tourists, this is that’s why so many people want to visit this great island. Various kinds of tourist spots such as natural tourism, mountains, waterfalls, children’s playgrounds or art performances are all available on this island. By having so many visitors coming to this amazing island, the number of tourists who come from various countries to this place can make the crime rate increase or even higher on this island. The popular areas for foreign tourists such as Ubud, Canggu, Seminyak or Sanur are the places with the most foreign tourists when compared to other tourist destinations. Even though there are lots of people comes from local area or Indonesia but still Bali island has more foreign tourists as their visitors.


Due to so many foreign tourists in Bali island, Indonesia government was create a police unit called the tourism police which is specifically assigned to work in tourism areas on the island of Bali. This special police has duty to maintain the safety of tourists who come on vacation to Balinese island. The police are also equipped with foreign language skills so that there will be no problems when foreign people need to talk or need police helps. So far there have been many criminal or non-criminal cases that have occurred on Bali island and this is involves tourists or foreign nationals living or vacationing in Bali. The tourism police on this island have handled various cases, ranging from loss of family members, loss of goods or money, cases of domestic violence, drunkenness, insanity, and also cases that led to crime.

How Does the Tourism Police Work?


So how does the island’s tourism police work? The Tourism Police is the command center in handling cases related to foreign tourists in Bali island. The Tourism Police accepts all complaints or reports involving foreign tourists, and then the complaints will be submitted to the police in the relevant area. So the tourism police help process the existing problems, but do not work on criminal cases. The complaints most often received by the Tourism Police are complaints regarding the loss of money, passports, family members, internal problems of foreign tourists, or even foreigner who like to get drunk on the side of the road. But for lost money, passports, cell phones and the like, the tourism police can help without making any reports to the police.

On Bali island, the total tourism police is about 41 mandatory members who can speak English. From these 41 police officers, they are also proficient in other languages such as Japanese, Indian, Russian, and others. They are tasked with ensuring tourism security for both local residents and foreign tourists and are spread across 9 districts and cities in Bali island. The tourism police is also in charge of recording all boarding houses, hotels, villas, nightclubs, restaurants, spas, karaoke, and other entertainment venues in Bali island. By having those data, the tourism police will conduct a security sweep, ensuring that there are no crimes in the form of drug abuse, violence, controlling the circulation of alcohol, and many more. Parties such as hotels, boarding houses, and villas, are required to submit data on foreign tourists staying at their place. This is an anticipation if there is an accident or crime involving the foreign tourist. The tourism police also provide guidance to business actors who run on the tourism sector. They are all asked to maintain the security of the surrounding environment to suppress criminal acts, especially at night.

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