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Reasons Why You Have To Visit Nusa Lembongan

Visa4Bali – Nusa Lembongan. Bali island is beautiful place serving a lot of things that can be enjoyed for the tourists. This island having mesmerizing natural tourism and many tourist activities that makes the tourist will have no boring time during having vacation in bali. People knows that Bali belongs to Indonesia, and Indonesia famous by having thousands of island. In Bali island itself, it has several island surrounding it. One of the island is nusa lembongan that located in nusa penida, in southeast side of bali island. You can reach this place by having fast boat transportation.

Reasons For Visiting Nusa Lembongan

Due to bali island having a lot of place to visit, here we have collected reasons for tourist need to visit this place and spending their precious holidays in here

nusa lembongan

    1. Beach at Nusa Lembongan is beautiful

      Due to Bali’s location surrounded by beaches, they have beautiful and natural coastal scenery. Some of them having white sands beach, or even having high and mesmerizing cliffs. The combinations of the waves makes the sunset view more dramatic and feels so sensational.

    2. The beauty of the underwater world

      The water surround nusa lembongan is pretty clear, coral reefs are well preserved and colorful, the variety of live fish are the main attraction for those who have vacation here. You can do sea activities such snorkeling or diving as well.

    3. Easy to explore

      The length of this island is only 4.6 km while the width is 1-1.5 km. So within a day’s tour, so many places can be visited.

    4. The facility is complete

      Compare to nusa penida and nusa ceningan, you can easy to find hotel and resort, restaurant, money changer, tourism service, travel agency, so that makes your vacation perfect.

    5. Feeling another atmosphere

      As a visitor, tourists should be having many experiences in many places. Sometimes they need different feelings and atmosphere. The cheap accommodation fee and also cheap fast boat rent is another reason for you to visit.

    6. Offering a lot of tourist spot

      No problem that this island was small, but this place offers you so many places to visit. This is why you have to take them as your destination. Here several places you may choose during your trip

Holiday activities at Nusa Lembongan

Yellow Bridge of Nusa Lembongan

If you’d like to collect photo during your trip, this spot is a must place to go. Many people taking photo at this bridge and usually share their moments at instagram. This bridge has function to connect nusa lembongan island and nusa ceningan island. The background of the bridge is amazing, enhanced by green trees and sea view.

nusa lembongan

Visit Devil’s Tear

Most of young tourists are loving devil’s tear. Devil’s tear is tourism object in nusa lembongan that offers view of steep high cliff. The cliff hit by the waves, and makes the water spray up. You can also see a beautiful rainbow in the middle of it. The best time to visit this place is before sunset. The combinations of water spray up and sunset is really perfect for you to capture your holiday moments.

Best sunset’s location, Jungut Batu beach

Jungut batu beach at nusa lembongan is having longest stretch of sand and became best place to catch sunset’s view. You can find many fast boats in there. At the beach edge, a lot of rocks found and made this beach not so good for swimming.

Visit Mangrove Forest

The mangrove beach location is quite isolated. You’d better to use motorcycle to reach this place. You will find a lot of mangrove trees and also mount of agung bali from mangrove beach. Local people’s there will offer you to try snorkeling activities and mangrove tour.


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