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Reasons Why Lots of Artists Move To Bali Island

Bali Visa Info – People has their own way facing this pandemic era. Many people are using their own ways to survive and live. For the examples, currently lots of Indonesian artist are moving on Bali island. Some of them are explained that Bali island can be a healing place for them, remembering an artist usually lived in the middle of city and always having crowded situation. Bali island is different compare to city that they usually lived. In this beautiful island, so many beaches and natural scenery can be found as their healing.

Reasons For Choosing Bali Island

Besides to keep distance from the crowd, Bali artist (now we are calling them Bali artist as they are lived in Bali island) have below reasons for why choosing Bali island as their place to live

  • New atmosphere

    Bali island is known has very beautiful nature, and so much interesting activities can be done in this great island. If you are comparing to midtown, this place is so much better because you can feel fresh, cool and relax by enjoying what nature has to offers for all of the visitors. So many places offers relaxation and fun. The artist can keep doing their works in this beautiful island during the covid19 pandemic.

  • Explore environment for family

    Most of the artists that moving on to Bali island are having kids. Kids are usually like to do various explorations of the surrounding environment. Moreover, they will be more excited and happy if they can find nature for their exploration. Living in the midtown is kinda difficult to find nature to do kids explorations. And this is why they are moving to Bali island and decided to stay in this amazing place.

  • The most ideal place for living

    Knowing what Bali island has such as its beautiful nature, fresh and cool atmosphere, and they are the important things to find comfortable life and this is like cannot be found in the middle of the city.

Best Place For Having Residency in Bali Island

Even though there are more reasons for why they are moving to Bali island, but those 3 reasons above are the strongest one. After knowing their reasons, here we have gathered the information about recommended places to live in Bali island

bali island

  1. Ubud

    Having residence in this area is the best answer for you. Area of ubud is famous with quiet because this area is surrounded by beautiful nature. You can do your daily activities that needs serenity and peace such as yoga or meditation done in here.

  2. Seminyak

    If you like to see more beach club, and then you might be choose Seminyak area to live in. So many beach clubs, beaches and trendy cafe can be found in here. Romantic and exotic views of Balinese island can be enjoyed from this area. It can be says that this is a millenial paradise! And the most famous activity in Bali island such sunrise or sunset are really perfect to enjoy in here too!

  3. Jimbaran

    If you are planning to have residence and has lots of options for the culinary, then Jimbaran will be the best answer. Lots of fishermen lived in this place and this is makes this place has so many restaurants with interesting and delicious seafood.

  4. Canggu

    Canggu is best place for you to have residence or villa with quiet nuance. This area is also famous as low crime area on Balinese island. So many destinations are available for you to visit. The beauty and serenity of this place will make you feel at home to live here.

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