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Reasons of Ubud Bali Becoming The Center of Nature Tourism

Things You Need to Know Before Go To Ubud Bali

Bali Visa Ubud Bali – If Bali island identical with white sands beach, this thing didn’t found in Ubud Bali. Most of white sands beach can be found in Kuta instead of Ubud. The main attractiveness from Ubud Bali was on arts, culture, rural nature, and also tourism activities. Although every tourist spot in Bali island having so many arts and cultures, but Ubud Bali is the center of Balinese arts and culture. The popular arts from Ubud bali such dance, painting, sculpture and carving. For the cultural spot there is also Hinduism temple which is having unique architecture. You can also find historical heritage, such Gajah Cave and Kawi mountain.

Above mentioned places become the most favorite visited spot in Ubud Bali. The Ubud Bali is under Gianyar government’s. Ubud tourism is also supported with completed accommodation for tourist even for domestic or foreign, hotel and resort in cheap or expensive class, and also good culinary.

The Charm of Ubud

Besides popular with nature tourism, arts and also culture. Here we have collected information about Ubud Bali, the charm of ubud which is becoming the main attraction in there

Ubud Bali

1. Known as a quiet city

Ubud still having beautiful nature, the atmosphere’s around there very cool and also many rice fields can be found there. This place is really suitable for people who seek for calmness and fresh atmosphere.

2. Famous with terraces

People all knows that Ubud Bali popular with terraced rice fields. The most famous terracing in the world is Tegallalang. Green scenery all over the rice fields you can enjoy during your visit’s there. This is really helping for you who have bored feeling of working. High palm trees enhanced with green nuance perfecting the breathtaking view around there. This is become a must place to go to if you visiting Bali.

Ubud Bali

3. Becoming spiritual tourism destination

One of spiritual activity in Ubud is meditation, this is because meditation is spiritual activity to face the God. Ubud village has long history in the spiritual activities since centuries. This is that’s why ubud is becoming the spiritual tourism destination.

4. City with strong cultures

Now we are in modern era, this is also happened in Ubud Bali. But facing this modernity, Ubud still keeping the cultures in this area very well. The nuance around the city is different from the big city in the midtown. Its really recommended place to stay to kill city noises memories during your work routines at midtown.

5. Known as arts village

Ubud in Bali famous with the area which is having a lot of artists. By using this art, Ubud introducing their traditions and cultures to the world. Until now, ubud village becoming arts village starts from dance, dance, painting, sculpture and carving.

6. Excellent for hospitality

Ubud is also famous with hospitality, this will become a beginner of tourism in Ubud. Foreign tourist usually loves the hospitality from another people, it is signifies that they received their visit well.

7. Having the oldest museum in Bali

The oldest museum in Bali was located in Ubud named with Puri Lukisan Museum, held in 1956. In this museum you can found gold works from arts even for Balinese artists or foreigner artists. You can observe the development of art from time to time.

8. Completed with ancient sites

As we mentioned in the beginning article, there is Kawi Mountain which is one of the historical heritage. This mountain is different with another mountain in Javanese island, this mountain is one of the tourist spot of cultural heritage perfected with several ancient relics in the form of a temple composed of carved stones. This mountain found in 1920.

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