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Interpreting the Purnama and Tilem Ceremony in Bali

Purnama and Tilem Ceremony 

Visa Bali Info – Purnama and Tilem Ceremony 

When you read the title of this article, surely you are wondering what the full moon ceremony is all about?

Hindus in Bali basically have a number of religious holidays which are carried out regularly at a predetermined time according to the Balinese calendar based on pawukon (wuku).

One of them is the Full Moon Ceremony, which can be said to be a holiday. Then what is the meaning contained in this ceremony.

Purnama and Tilem Ceremony
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Purnama Day

The Purnama (Sukla Paksa) for Balinese Hindus is celebrated to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widhi in his manifestation as Sang Hyang Candra and Sang Hyang Ketu as the god of brilliance and to invoke holy light, perfection, blessings and gifts.

On this holy Purnama day, Balinese Hindus usually offer canang and daksina offerings at each pelinggih.

although they do not have a special obligation for this holy day, it is the spiritual obligation of the people to make these offerings, moreover they are spiritual aspirants.

This full moon holy day celebration comes once every month (30 or 29 days), also followed by the Tilem celebration.

Tilem Day

As explained above, on the holy day of Tilem or during the new moon (Forced Krsna) when the sky is dark all night without moonlight.

This can be seen from an astronomical perspective where the position of the moon is between the earth and the sun which causes the night to be pitch black.

It is when Tilem is celebrated by the people to worship Sang Hyang Surya because it is at that time that it is believed that Hyang Surya does meditation.

This is the right time to perform self-purification, to dissolve all the impurities (mala) that are present in ordinary people.

Balinese Hindu Ceremonies Relating to Tilem

Balinese Hindu religious ceremonies that come based on the arrival of Tilem and Sasih days are:

Eka Dasa Rudra Ceremony (celebrated once 100 years) when Tilem Kasanga,

Panca Wali Krama (once every 10 years) is celebrated on panglong ping 15 (tilem) Sasih Kesanga.

While the holy day of Balinese Hinduism related to Tilem is “Siwaratri” which is celebrated every purwaning of Tilem Kepitu and Tawur Kesanga.

Siwaratri which is celebrated coincides with Tilem Kesanga where the next day is Nyepi, this is also the arrival of a new moon on the Isaka calendar.

Several Kahyangan Jagat Temples Perform Purnama and Sasih Piodalan

  • Tirta Empul Temple, Tampaksiring
  • Pucak Mangu Temple
  • Lempuyang Madia Temple
  • Pulaki Temple
  • Penerajon Temple and
  • Padma Tiga Penataran Agung Besakih coincides with Purnama Kapat, as well as a number of other temples.

Dewasa Ayu

Balinese Hindus really believe in the sanctity of the Purnama of Tilem, especially when the Purnama is often said to be a good day (dewasa ayu).

When it comes to coincide with the implementation of piodalan or the celebration of certain religious ceremonies, such as during Galungan, if it coincides with the arrival of the Purnama, it is said to be Galungan Nadi.

However, not every time when a Purnama comes is said to be “dewasa ayu”.

So on that day it is forbidden to hold any ceremonies commonly known as Berek Tawukan Day, even the wiku cannot carry out puja mantras at that time.

So many Hindu celebrations in Bali, be it big or small celebrations. It is adapted to individuals as well as groups.

None other than every celebration that is carried out is to hope for a balance between humans and nature, humans and humans and even humans with their spirituality.

It’s good when we visit Bali to really respect every ceremony that is held, this can also be an interesting experience for you while on vacation to the Island of the Gods, Bali.


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