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Prohibitions When Visiting To Bali

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Visa Bali Info – Prohibitions When Visiting To Bali

As immigrants in other people’s cities, especially if we are tourists or tourists, we should follow the customs and rules that apply to the place where we visit.

Likewise, when you visit the land of Bali, this island with the nickname Island of the Gods still strongly upholds the customs of their ancestors. Don’t be surprised if Bali imposes a ban on tourists in Bali that needs to be understood.

What are the prohibitions and restrictions that must be obeyed when visiting Bali?

Leaving the House During Nyepi in Bali

Bali’s religious holiday is Nyepi, not only local people who have to do things that are not allowed to be done during Nyepi, for example leaving the house.

Tourists or tourists who come to Bali are also not allowed to roam or leave the house, as is done by local people.

All you have to do is buy food stocks for the day and don’t leave the house during Nyepi, let alone act up on the streets.

Reckless Entry into Sacred Areas

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The many holy places in Bali should make you look around carefully and carefully. Because you might accidentally enter a sacred area in Bali.

Do not enter the sacred area without permission. Some areas in Bali are forbidden for other people to enter because of their sanctity, and we must obey those rules.

Disrespectful In Sacred Areas

In Bali there are many places that are considered holy, once you have received permission to enter a holy place don’t get into trouble.

Places that are considered holy and sacred areas that must be kept sacred should not be neglected even with simple things, such as littering. Never do it if you don’t want to be reprimanded or even punished.

Stepping on the Offerings ( Canang )

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Don’t be surprised if you are in Bali, in Bali you will see a lot of offerings or canang around the local community.

The canang are placed on purpose because it is part of Balinese culture that must be respected, so you must know the rules.

The Balinese people believe that the canang is to respect their ancestors. So that the offerings or cymbals cannot be stepped on, stepped on, or damaged by anyone. If that happens, you are not respecting Balinese culture and are being reckless.

Urination indiscriminately

Try to find a toilet if you need to urinate and never urinate under a tree which is strictly prohibited in Bali. Because trees in Bali are also considered sacred and should be protected.

Settling Without Identity and Permission

When you are interested in staying in Bali for a long time, whether for vacation or work, make a temporary KTP or Kipem, this usually applies to tourists.

This is because Banjar Bali often conducts Kipem raids to find tourists who stay without permission. This is one of the steps taken by the Balinese to protect their territory and you must respect it.

Impolite During Traditional Ceremonies

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When a traditional ceremony takes place in Bali, usually the road access to some areas in Bali will be closed. Of course there will be traffic jams.

Never act impolite, especially if you swear at the activities carried out by the local Balinese.

Ignoring the Rules at the Beach

Don’t litter and there are also beaches where swimming is prohibited, that’s a simple rule and don’t break it.

Touching or Holding the Head of a Balinese


Balinese people believe that the human head is the most sacred part of the human body itself.

Never touch their head without permission. This also applies when maybe you want to stroke the children’s heads as a sign of affection.


Stay humble, as the old saying goes where the earth is stepped on there the sky is upheld. Respect and obey the existing rules and remain polite wherever you are, it doesn’t have to be just when you’re in Bali, guys.

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