Prestigious Resort of Kempinski Bali

Visa4Bali – Kempinski Bali. Anyone must had an idea for having good holidays in bali island. So many interesting places you may visit during your vacation. Starts from beaches, lakes, mountain, traditional arts and cultures. There are also so many amazing hotel and resort completed with spa facility perfecting Bali island. One of the most popular hotel and resort in bali island is The Apurva Kempinski Bali. The apurva kempinksi bali located in south of nusa dua street, sawangan, nusa dua, bali. The luxurious nuance more perfect by having prestigious interior design which is applying inside there.

Apurva Kempinski Hotel

kempinski baliThe apurva kempinski hotel is belonging six-stars hotel and located near with beach. Apurva comes from Sanskrit which is mean unique and luxury. One of the architectural features influenced by Balinese culture is the gurgling flow of water on a set of 250 steps located on a cliff. This water flow system inspired from the concept system of irrigation in bali or people used to call it ‘subak’. That system is describing living harmonic between the human with God, human to human, and also human with nature.

This hotel is using unique designs for the architecture that belongs to the fundamental and special features of balinese island. It is such applying natural stones, landscape features that highlight the local flora of Bali, and also enhanced with beautiful pool that arranged neatly. The irrigation system is coming down the stone’s cliffs which is flanked by the stairs and became a spectacular icon pillar of this resort. This resort is also having wonderful view of hindia ocean and tropical plants.

The apurva kempinski hotel having total 475 rooms, the iconic suite, and exclusive villa that completed with private swimming pool. You can find Indonesian carving’s there with wooden accents that describes the character of Indonesian tropics.

Here we have collected the features of apurva kempinski hotel and resort for you

The pala restaurant and the rooftop bar

Located on the main pool of the hotel, the Pala restaurant offering live cooking shows directly with the chef that can be enjoyed by the hotel’s visitors. In another side, the second floor of this hotel having rooftop bar that can be enjoy for the hotel’s visitors as well.

The koral restaurant

For you who have decided to take a night in this hotel, you can try doing breakfast, lunch or dinner enhanced with stunning view of the aquarium.

Izakaya by OKU

Inspired from the OKU Japanese restaurant that winning award in Jakarta that offering kindness and dynamic, this hotel is using this concept to get easy on communication between the chef and the customer directly.

Deli Selasar

The Apurva Kempinski Bali also offers the sensation of eating like in an angkringan with a typical Indonesian herbal drink, namely herbal medicine. Angkringan is famous place for eating, angkringan belongs to street food category and usually done by lower middle class people. There is also one more thing that popular at the apurva kempinski hotel, you can also try Luwak coffee in here. Good food completed with good drinks, such a good couple, isn’t it?

Reef beach club

Reef beach club having infinity swimming pool that can be enjoyed by hotel’s visitors. This will be more perfect because the visitors will be pampered with typical culinary of Asia and international.

Kubu pool bar

You could enjoying the sun on a lounge chair and floating in the water, Kubu Pool Bar offers a unique soaking sensation. The hotel’s visitors can enjoy the sensation of soaking in the 60-meter swimming pool with snacks and drinks served.

The apurva kempinski hotel have varying prices. Please contact us to get your visa if you’d like to have holidays here, we’ll help you to enter this luxurious hotel!

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