Popular Gelato Shop In Bali

Visa4bali – Gelato Shop. Are you one of those people who really like ice cream? Ice cream is one of the menus that is very loved by children and women. The sweet taste can improve the mood of people who try it. So who can resist a delicious and refreshing ice cream, especially while enjoying the sun shining on your face during the day? The island of Bali has so many interesting things to enjoy, one of them is gelato. There are many popular gelato spots in Bali that you can visit if you come to this island.

In Bali, there are various kinds of fruits that make Bali has so many variations of very delicious and unique gelato. The many choices here will make you feel that you will never have enough to taste the ice creams. Here we have summarized, popular gelato places in Bali that you must visit, see below

Popular Gelato Shop

gelato shopGelato Secrets

Well, this place is a gelato shop that supplies premium gelato and sorbetto for upscale restaurants and five-star hotels in Bali! So it is certain, the taste of the gelato here is definitely very tasty and has a wide variety of flavors. There is a sorbet that is served with a lighter texture when compared to the others. Gelato Secrets is in the Seminyak area and one of the recommended and popular gelato shops for ice cream lovers!

Gelato Massimo 1996

This place is located in Sanur, Denpasar, South Bali. By using 100% natural ingredients originating from Italy, you will be sure to be satisfied with the taste! This Gelato Massimo 1996 shop is one of the most legendary gelato places in Indonesia because it provides various flavors of gelato ice cream that you can try one by one.

The display of the gelato menu placed in front of the shop has proven to be a magnet for the visitors. The atmosphere in this place is also very suitable for hang-outs, so many people make this as their ‘go to’ place.

Mad Pops

In Seminyak, there are many great food and drink places to be found. One of them is Mad Pops gelato shop. In this place, you can order the shape and container of gelato with a variety of choices according to what you want. The appearance will be very unique and cute, but still with a super delicious taste quality!

Gaya Gelato

This time in the Ubud area, there is Gaya Gelato shop that has variety of flavors. What’s interesting about this place is the menus that change every day. There are so many flavors in this shop, approximately 10 flavors that will change every day. The taste of Gelato is also very delicious combined with the atmosphere of the shop which is so comfortable to relax.

Gelato Factory

In the Seminyak area, there is a popular gelato shop called Gelato Factory. The gelato factory has many delicious flavors, you can even request to add pieces of fruit on the top of your gelato! Very cool, isn’t it? It’s a must try if you are in Bali.

Gusto Gelato & Caffe

Well, this gelato place is the most popular gelato shop in Bali. Many food bloggers and travel bloggers have reviewed this place. There are about 31 variants of gelato that you can taste at Gusto Gelato, as well as 15 variants of sorbet there. This shop is located in Seminyak, North Kuta Bali. You can try unique flavors such as ginger, basil, and curcuma.

The places above are perfect for you to stop by while relaxing when tired of walking around the island of Bali. So you can take a short break, then continue your walk later!

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