Pod Chocolate Factory Becomes Junglegold Chocolate Factory

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Visa Bali InfoPod Chocolate Bali. Sweet taste and sometimes there is also a slightly bitter impression on the tongue, who does not know or like chocolate.

The content in chocolate can also relieve stress and raise one’s mood further adding to the allure of this chocolate itself.

In Bali itself there is a chocolate factory that can add to your knowledge about chocolate. There you will be served various types of unique chocolate.

Not only that, there you can also watch the process of making chocolate, see the cocoa garden, the harvest process, try to make your own chocolate, and various other exciting activities.

Pod Chocolate Name Change To Junglegold

Pod chocolate was founded in 2010 and produces chocolate in Bali under the brand “Pod Chocolate”.

The name “Pod” is inspired by “cocoa pod” and has a vision and mission to educate the public about the real process of making chocolate from the tree to the chocolate bar.

After a decade of producing chocolate, the “Pod” name no longer fits in expressing its value as a brand. Finally, the name “junglegold” was chosen.

The name Junglegold was chosen because it was inspired by the cocoa pods that come from and are very valuable from the forests of South America. So valuable, the Aztecs made chocolate as a medium of exchange like gold.

Have a Plan-Based Food Mission

Ig @juglegoldbali

Junglegold combines natural sustainable ingredients which are a blend of coconut, cashew milk and cocoa butter. With an innovative production technique, the mixture produces natural & delicious chocolate with a creamy, plant-based taste.

Junglegold Bali is the first chocolate factory in the world that is 100% plant-based, so there is no risk of being mixed with animal milk content.

So that it produces Dark chocolate which is equipped with various nutrients and rich in antioxidants, making it a very appropriate food to help boost the immune system, heart health, and weight loss.

This type of chocolate has also been shown to increase brain power, prevent dementia, and improve mood. Research has proven dark chocolate can also help prevent heart disease, lower the risk of stroke, and diabetes.

Use of Coconut Sugar

The second main raw material for Junglegold besides cocoa is sugar. Not all sugar is created the same way. We use coconut sugar in all our dark chocolate products (except for 100% sugar-free products).

The unique coconut sugar does not come from coconut as usual, but from the typical liquid of coconut flowers (nectar) which is collected, then cooked, and made into crystals.

Traditionally made by Indonesian farmers to produce sugar with a very authentic and natural taste. No chemicals, preservatives or other additives.

Junglegold Chocolate Factory

Ig @juglegoldbali

Junglegold combines technology and tradition in producing various creams (plant-based milk) and dark chocolate which you can taste directly with delicious chocolate drinks and home-made coffee at the Junglegold bamboo shop and cafe, right in front of the factory.

You can make your own chocolate bars here to take home in beautiful gift boxes plus reusable chocolate molds.

Junglegold Sanur

Junglegold Sanur is our premier shop in Bali which is located on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai close to the beachfront of Sanur.

Junglegold has a free tasting facility, you can taste the delicacy of melted hazelnut chocolate straight from the machine.

In addition to selling processed chocolate products, Junglegold Sanur also provides chocolate frappes, hot chocolate, and fresh coffee (plant-based options are available).

Junglegold Express Bali Airport

Junglegold Express is a fast service cafe, Junglegold Express is only available at the domestic departure terminal of I Gusti Ngurai Rai Airport Bali.

You can enjoy delicious chocolate frappes, hot chocolate and fresh hot coffee, buy a variety of chocolates to consume during flight or as souvenirs and gifts. Junglegold Express also provides croissants with various flavors that taste great when paired with specially made chocolate orange and dark chocolate drinks.

Junglegold Store Franchise

Junglegold created a store concept inspired by the deep connection between chocolate and coffee. The new Junglegold store will combine a wide range of delicious chocolate drink chocolate products, fresh Balinese coffee, pastries, desserts and ice cream.

The shop design creates a comfortable space for you, friends, family or to enjoy quiet moments with delicious chocolate.

Don’t forget to take a tour when you visit Junglegold chocolate factory, there you will get lots of interesting information about chocolate with Junglegold’s unique taste.

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