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Plan the perfect honeymoon in Bali


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Bali still has a million charms of beauty stretching out in nature, which makes it a special attraction to always visit. Natural beauty, cultural wealth, and the friendliness of the people really make Bali my favorite place for a vacation. It’s not just a vacation; there are even many places in Bali that are so romantic for you to spend time with your partner. This is certainly very useful for those of you who are planning a honeymoon. Then how do you prepare your honeymoon plans to Bali so that it feels perfect? See our review below!

honeymoon in Bali
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You have to consider this one thing carefully and need a joint decision so that there is no miscommunication between partners. Budgeting costs starts with airplane tickets, lodging accommodations, and the places you want to visit. If you have enough time and more money, you can enjoy your honeymoon independently and go anywhere you want while in Bali. But if you don’t have enough time and money, you can take part in honeymoon packages to Bali, which are offered by many travel agents.

Pay attention to the items to be brought

Bring things that do not bother you during the trip. Bali has hot and humid weather; bring loose cotton clothes and flip-flops. But don’t forget to bring polite clothes to visit temples and other religious places. A few tips for you: when carrying electronics, make sure you have the right adapter before installing it. In Bali, the CEE7 power jack is commonly used.

Choose the right time to go to Bali

Bali has typical Indonesian tropical weather; the best time to come to Bali is from May to September. Getting a feel for the period right after the dry season is usually best for accommodation that is a bit cheaper and easier to get. Moreover, beaches and tourist attractions are less crowded, so the two of you can enjoy some privacy. Try planning to go in late September, October, or April.

Activities that can be done during a honeymoon in Bali

Romantic dinner at sunset

honeymoon in Bali

You have many options for a romantic dinner while in Bali, starting with a beachside dinner with an exotic cave, a cliffside dinner with a view of the open sea, or dining on a cruise ship. Take a cruise. Enjoy the high seas with luxurious facilities, especially when you sail at night. Under a star-studded sky, with the distinctive sound of sea waves. Bali Hai Cruises can take you to Nusa Dua in luxury on their night cruise. When you’re done gazing at the horizon, you’ll enjoy dinner before dancing.

Two spas 

honeymoon in Bali
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Many spa treatments in Bali offer honeymoon packages. All you have to do is adjust it to your budget. Enjoy the sensation of body massage, foot care, and body scrub, and don’t forget to enjoy the rose pool together with a glass of soft drink or juice.

Do diving or snorkeling

honeymoon in Bali
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For those of you who want to enjoy a different sensation on your honeymoon, Bali has some of the best places for snorkeling. Like the Nusa Dua area, there are many places for you to spend time together in an exciting way.

Enjoy tea and coffee in the Highlands

honeymoon in Bali
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Go to the highlands of Kintamani and enjoy the still cool air typical of the mountains. As well as trying local specialties alongside Kintamani coffee or tea. You can enjoy many places here with a mountain view.


Plan your honeymoon properly for your best moments. I hope some of the things about the honeymoon above are very useful for you.

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