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Perfect Residence To Stay In Bali

Bali Visa Info – Knowing that the doors of Indonesia have been reopened for foreign tourists, are you one of those people who are very happy and planning to stay in Bali? Or are you planning a promising property investment on the island of Bali? A residence equipped with extraordinary natural scenery, close to beautiful beaches and various kinds of art on this amazing island is something that deserves to be considered by many people. Many things can be obtained if you decide to stay on this one island. If in the previous article the reasons that support you to stay in Bali, then for this article we will discuss how you choose a place to stay to stay on this very beautiful island or to simply increase your assets and investments. The important thing is that you have to determine which place you will choose as your residence on this island. Check out the following information for your reference

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  • Kanaka Hill Bali

    This residence is located in the Nusa Dua area, where Nusa Dua is one of the most popular areas for both foreign and local tourists. Owning a property in this area is a good choice, besides being a place to live, you can also make this place an asset and investment. The residence here carries a modern and simple style. The location is also very strategic, which only takes about 10 minutes to reach the Nusa Dua toll exit.

  • Damara Village

    This place is a beautiful place to live and has a natural feel. This housing is included in the exclusive category and uses the characteristics of Bali island as the main concept. Bali is very synonymous with all things exotic, and this is the concept of residential in this place. The nuances of nature and the combination of modern-style architecture looks perfect here. This place is very strategic and located in south Kuta.

  • Daun Lebar Villa

    This place is one of the best villa recommendations that has exotic and tropical nuances typical of Bali island. If you usually live in a big city and tired of all the routines, then it is very good if you choose this place as your residence. This area is equipped with many facilities such as a gym, spa and private pool. This residence will also satisfy you with a very harmonious color combination of wood designed in a modern and minimalist style.

  • Taman Nuansa Tjampuhan

    Well, in this residence here you can find housing that combines modern and traditional styles. The combination of the two of them become a place to live that is comfortable but still stylish and has authentic Indonesian characteristics. Cool, isn’t?

  • Fuji Home Renon Residence

    This place offers a unique but still comfortable theme. This residence uses Japanese and modern construction styles. The strategic location makes it easy and fast for you to visit popular tourist destination in Bali island.

Currently, many people are buying houses, villas or apartments to be used as assets and investments. The Bali island is very famous throughout the world and has a lot of fans. From the high number of tourists who come to this island, many of them have luxurious residences or comfortable residence renting out their places. If you own a property in Bali, you don’t need to book a hotel or villa if you have the opportunity to come to this island. Plus you can rent out your residence and bring in other benefits.

Lastest News : Especially now that Bali’s doors are open again for foreign tourists. It is certain that the quiet condition of Bali due to covid19 pandemic will be end soon. If you need help getting to this island, whether for a vacation or planning to make an investment, we are ready to help you with all your visa needs. For more information, please click contact us!

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