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Visa Bali Info – Besides having popularity about best natural tourism, Bali island is also perfect place for couple. Lots of couples are celebrating their wedding, anniversary or other romantic things in this amazing island. If you are in a trip with your spouse and you’d like to have romantic dinner bali, we made a list for you about having perfect and romantic dinner in restaurant in Bali but with affordable prices! Good idea, isn’t it?

The only answer when you thinking to have perfect dinner will be about luxurious hotel or private villa. But in here, we have gathered information for you to have perfect restaurant for your beloved people

romantic dinner

Bamboo Restaurant, Seminyak

The main attraction of Bambu Restaurant is the pavilion that formed in Joglo building which is surrounded by a clear pool and that place looks like floating. You will also get beautiful views and cool atmospheres, and various classic Indonesian dishes served like five-stars food in a hotel. This place is the #1 best place to eat in the Seminyak area. The restaurant is starts operating on 6 pm to 12 pm.

Resto Apung, Kintamani

Similar with Bamboo restaurant, this place is also build and themed in floating. This restaurant is located on a lake at the foot of Mount Batur. Romantic nuances will be felt by having mesmerizing views around this lake. The restaurant starts to operate on brunch and lunch time only.

Rondji Restaurant, Ubud

What makes this place romantic was about the inspirations that used before making this restaurant. A Balinese woman named Ni Rondji managed to captivate the heart of the skilled painter Don Antonio Blanco. She was not only famous for his beauty, she is also good at cooking which increasingly makes the maestro smitten. Europe foods coupled with traditional foods from Bali are perfectly cooked and served here. The location of this restaurant is in Ubud, and the operating hours starts from 11 am to 11 pm.

L’Assiette Restaurant, Seminyak

This restaurant is perfectly fit for you who love quiet and calm. The location is quite hidden from crowd in Seminyak. The bohemian style dining room facilities and full of antique art objects will amaze you when you enter this restaurant. There are several gazebos if you want to find a more romantic atmosphere inside area. According to its name, the mainstay menu at this restaurant is French dishes. This restaurant starts operating on 10 am to 11 pm.

WANA Restaurant, Gianyar

If you are an animal lover, this amazing place might be the best answers for you and your spouse. This place is next to the lion’s den, and you can imagine how exciting your meal will be.

Dandelion Food Stalls, Canggu

This restaurant uses Joglo style with an interior that dominated by antique wood elements. Delicious Indonesian foods are fully cooked with love. You will be satisfied to stay longer in this restaurant enjoying tasty foods coupled with romantic nuances of the restaurant. Due to the location is in Canggu, fresh and cool atmosphere will be surrounding you and this place provides outdoor dining table for you to perfect your dinner especially at night. The operating hours hours starts from 7 am to 11 pm.

Pirate Cruise, Benoa

As the name of the restaurant, this place uses unique themes by applying pirate nuances for all things inside there including the waiters and the managements too. You and your spouse shall see stunning views around Tanjung Benoa and it will be perfect by having delicious foods on your table. This unique restaurant starts operating on 9 am to 4 pm.

Choose one of them or may be you can visit all of them with your beloved partner to get perfect dinner!

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