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Paris Van Java, Bandung City

Paris Van Java
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Visa Bali Info – Paris Van Java

Being a metropolitan city and the third largest city after Jakarta and Surabaya, Bandung has also become the second most populous city in Indonesia after Jakarta with a density of 15,051 inhabitants/km2.

Has an area of ​​​​the city of Bandung is 16,729.65 ha. Administratively, the City of Bandung is bordered by several other regencies/cities, such as in the north it borders with Bandung Regency and West Bandung Regency, in the west it borders with Cimahi City, in the east it borders Bandung Regency and in the south it borders with Bandung Regency.

Along with the development of the city, Bandung has received many nicknames for its city. Apart from being a “flowering” city, Bandung is also nicknamed Paris Van Java.

Paris Van Java

Paris Van Java

At the end of the 19th century, Bandung began to aggressively build buildings with harmonious urban planning and settlement patterns so that the preservation of nature could be maintained and beautiful to the eye.

This is in line after Bandung besides being the capital city of Bandung regency, it also had a new function as the capital of the Priangan Residency at that time.

Not only thinking about buildings and city planning, city parks are also starting to be created throughout the city of Bandung. Reforestation efforts have been initiated to make this area fresh.

The reforestation was also carried out by the Bandoeng Vooruit association, covering the Cikapundung watershed from Lembang to the Tamansari Valley, the Palasari Hill Slope, Jayagiri, Ciumbuleuit, Mount Manglayang and Arcamanik. Reforestation is also done by preserving several waterfalls and lakes (situ) around the Bandung area, such as Situ Pategang, Situ Cileunca, Situ Aksan which are called natuur-monuments or natural monuments.

It turned out that in the way of building buildings in the city of Bandung, all the architects who joined at that time did not pay attention to the characteristics of the Hindische or the local area.

So, a Hendrik Petrus Berlag who was the father of modern architecture in the Netherlands at that time gave Bandung the nickname Bandoeng Parijs van Java.

It started as a satire to become famous

Although Paris van Java at that time was a satirical nickname, in the end this nickname became famous throughout the world.

This nickname emerged when the Congres Internationaux d’architecture moderne (CIAM) was held in the town of Chateau de la Sarraz, Switzerland, June 1928.

Become a Colonial City

The nickname Paris Van Java is also increasingly supported because Bandung at that time in the early 20th century, continued to build buildings for the benefit of plantation people such as hotels, offices, shops and entertainment venues, including schools.

Among them, the most famous is the white-only shopping area that was built along Jalan Braga which was originally just a cart road.

Then the Braga area developed into a fast area. Become a center of trade, services, entertainment, and office activities in this area.

Braga Street Becomes the Center for European-Style Buildings

Paris Van Java
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Still in the 20th century, Braga street was physically developed with an atmosphere close to places in Europe at that time.

Indirectly now it can still be found from some of the physical buildings that tend to appear in a European style.

Starting from the Javasche Bank building (now Bank Indonesia), the Van Dolph building (now Landmark), the Gas Negara building and other buildings around Braga.

Until in the end this distinctive architectural style made the Braga area increasingly developed as a trading area that was in great demand by the people at that time.


Currently, Bandung has also become a city with a tourist destination and an educational destination.

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