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Let’s Knowing What Onshore Visa Is! For Foreign Tourists Who Want To Stay Longer In Bali

Visa4Bali – Onshore Visa. The popularity of Bali island around the world is no longer in doubt. This has been proven by the presence of many foreign tourists in Bali who come from various countries. Some of them have decided to stay in Bali for working, while others want to just take a vacation to escape from the routine. People from other countries need a residence permit or visa to be in Bali.

Foreign citizens in Indonesia know 2 types of visas that they must know, namely offshore visas and onshore visas. This time we will discuss what is onshore visas and how to submit an onshore visa also what needs to be prepared to make an onshore visa.

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What is an Onshore Visa?

We think it is good idea for you to know and understand what is visa onshore. Onshore Visa is an extension of stay permit for foreign nationals so that they can stay longer in Indonesia. Because Bali is a part of the Indonesian state, foreign tourists who want to extend their stay must use this permit. It is already informed that foreign nationals who want to get a visa must have a guarantee person who is Indonesian citizen and lives in Indonesia. Currently, along with technological developments, to be able to have an onshore visa, no face-to-face registration is required, but can be done online through the immigration website.

How to Apply for an OnShore Visa?

After knowing what an onshore visa is, now is the time for you to know how to apply for an onshore visa. Check out the following sequence

  • The guarantor must already have an account on the official online visa application page by the Indonesian immigration office.

  • The guarantor or Indonesian citizens applies for an onshore visa through However, if those who want to apply for an onshore visa are foreign workers, then the website that must be visited is Please don’t get the address wrong.

  • There will be several documents that are required to be uploaded to the website, you need to complete these documents. After the document has been uploaded, the guarantor will get a billing code or payment code (can be in Indonesian rupiah or dollars)

  • Make payments at the bank as stated in the billing code.

  • Furthermore, the approved visa will be sent via email to the Guarantor’s email address and also foreign nationals who applying for the onshore visa.

  • If your visa is refused or there is a problem, a notification will also be sent to the guarantor’s email and the foreign national as well who applied for the visa.

  • To avoid various problems that may arise and also for the convenience of the foreign national, please try to apply for a visa extension 7 days before the visa validity period expires.

The article above is the understanding and flow of how to apply for an onshore visa.

But if you need help dealing with all your documents related to a residence permit in Bali island, you can contact us Visa4Bali. We will also help you extend your stay in Bali. We have been trusted by many clients for more than 8 years. We have customer service that is ready to help and also respond to all complaints, impressions and questions from you for 24 hours! We work closely with the Immigration office directly, and we are ready to assist the entire process from start to finish. Now Bali has been re-opened for foreign nationals, if you need help to fulfill your wish to get to Bali, you can click on the Contact Us.

Hoping this article can help you to answer your questions about visa onshore!

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