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sate lilit

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Actually, there are many Balinese specialties if you want to discuss, of course all the existing food has a delicious taste and is rich in Indonesian spices.

Like Rendang, which has become a world-class favorite food. Rendang comes from West Sumatra, has placed its culinary wealth on the international scene.

Every region of Indonesia has its own culinary wealth, Bali is no exception. In addition to the place and culture, Bali has a wealth of typical Indonesian cuisine that can’t be doubted.

Bebek betutu, Nasi campur, Lawar, Sate lilit and many more Balinese culinary delights. This time what will be discussed is the uniqueness of Sate lilit, Sate lilit is one of the best foods that Bali has.

sate lilit

Sate Lilit

When we talk about satay, of course, what we have in mind is a special skewer made from parts of the coconut tree in the form of twigs in each leaf midrib.

However, this satay wrap does not use a skewer like other satays. The skewer used uses lemongrass stalks, which is one of the Indonesian spices that can be used for Indonesian specialties.

Spicy Flavored Sate Lilit

Originally made from pork, now satay lilit has followed the development of the basic recipe for this satay itself.

The development of basic recipes from pork can now use beef, mutton, fish, and chicken.

The processing is that the meat to be used is chopped and then mixed with grated coconut, coconut milk, lime, shallots, and pepper.

The meat is then wrapped around the lemongrass. But if you have trouble finding lemongrass in large quantities, you can use skewers, bamboo, or sugar cane.

This dish has a spicy, sweet and savory taste. In contrast to satay in general which uses peanut sauce, sate lilit uses spices consisting of shallots and garlic, lemongrass, and lime leaves.

Sate lilit is usually served with side dishes such as tuna and warm rice. In addition, there is also sambal matah, a typical Balinese chili sauce, which adds to the specialty of the satay wrap.

Sate Lilit Becomes Complementary to Offerings

In fact, sate lilit is not just a culinary specialty that Bali has. However, sate lilit is a food that is included in the offerings of Balinese Hindus at traditional ceremonies.

One of them is the traditional Caru ceremony. This traditional ceremony aims to maintain the balance of the universe. In addition, Caru is also held as a form of respect and appreciation to the gods of Hindus in Bali.

Sate Lilit Becomes a Symbol of Male Manhood

In offerings prepared in traditional ceremonies, serving satay lilit in an odd number. Generally, satay wrap is served as much as 3 or 5 sticks.

This satay wrap is then tied together and placed between the lawar which is a symbol of the cardinal points.

Each cardinal direction is guarded by the gods. There are 4 types of lawar, namely black, white, red, and green lawar.

At a big ceremony, sate lilit is made at the village hall and served by 50-100 men. All work from slaughtering animals, mixing dough, wrapping meat, to cooking is done by men.

This satay is a symbol of male virility. In the past, people would question a man’s virility if he couldn’t make satay wraps.

Sate Lilit Contain a Hidden Philosophy

The satay used in every traditional ceremony for these offerings turns out to have a hidden philosophy behind it.

It is from this wrapped meat that symbolizes the Balinese people and the skewer as the unifier. The purpose of this philosophy is that this culinary depicts the Balinese people who are always united and will not be divided.


When you read this article and you try to feel the authenticity of the taste of this satay wrap, not only the taste you will get but also the historical and philosophical features in it.

It’s not wrong if this satay wrap is one of the best specialties that Bali has.

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