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New Beach Club in Bali, Asia’s Largest Beach Club Atlas Beach Club

Atlas Beach Club
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Visa Bali Info – Atlas Beach Club

The latest thing in Bali today is the news about the beach club, where this beach club is reported to be the largest beach club in Asia.

Located in the Canggu area which is indeed famous for its lined up of party clubs, Atlas Beach club also offers similar tours.

Has a Super Magnificent and Aesthetic Design

Atlas Beach Club
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When you visit this place in the outer area (entrance), there are interesting photo spots. The vibe of grandeur is already felt here.

There are also cafes lined up here, very useful for those of you who come here but are on a low budget to just spend a cup of coffee. The cafe line here is also known as the Culinary Ground.

When you enter, you will be presented with rows of seats, a variety of swimming pool designs that look refreshing and at the outer end of the beach club you can directly see the beach.

In the stage area, there is a DJ booth surrounded by a giant LED screen that lights up brightly and colorfully.

Asia’s Largest Beach Club

Atlas Beach Club
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It is said that Atlas Beach Club is the largest beach club in Asia. Its length reaches 300 meters.

The beach club is equipped with the longest swimming pool in Asia. There is even a swimming pool for children with views of Berawa Beach.

Not only that, here is also the longest standing bar in Asia. The standing bar is 1 kilometer long, so it can be occupied by many people.

Varied Ticket Prices, From Low To High

There are several seating areas, each of which has a different price and different facilities and access.

For the cheapest ticket, it is priced with a minimum spend of IDR 150 thousand per person. With this ticket, you will occupy the General Admission area.

Here you will only have access to walk around the area and the bar and this does not require a reservation.

For middle class tickets, you will be charged a noble price range from 1 million to 5 million rupiah. Here you can occupy a VIP daybed which has a certain capacity.

In this area you will be able to access the lagoon area, beach, pavilion, and a 200 meter long pool depending on the section you choose.

For the Premium class, with a range of 5 million to 15 million rupiah for minimum spending here. You can choose a VVIP sofa/island daybed which has access to the solitaire area, stage and exclusive area.

Capacity for 10,000 people and has 52 food outlets

Atlas Beach Club
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It is also mentioned that this beach club can accommodate 10,000 people. The presence of this beach club is also expected to revive the economic and tourism sectors of Bali. Thus, this beach club requires more than 1,000 employees to work at the entertainment venue.

It is also stated that there are 52 food outlets, the beach club concept is in collaboration with food outlets with various brands.

Starting from people’s food, street markets, restaurants to pork guling there are also. Elsewhere, it’s your own property, if it’s really a collaboration here.

Get a MURI Record

At the opening ceremony of this beach club was enlivened by the appearance of the Kecak dance. In addition, it was also continued with the release of hatchlings, which earned Atlas Beach Fest the MURI as the largest hatchling release in Indonesia. The number of hatchlings released reached 5 thousand.

Atlsh Beach Fest itself takes the tagline Bali’s Largest One-Stop Lifestyle Center. Apart from being a beach club, this place also has a Culinary Ground, Thematic Street Market and a Department Store.

Location and Hours of Operation

Address :

Jl. Berawa Beach No. 88, Canggu, Bali, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

Operational hour :

Every day, Every Day 10.00 – 00.00 WITA.


When you go to Bali, don’t forget to visiting the biggest beach club in Asia. Enjoy your vacation with something very memorable, of course.

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