Nature Tourism in Kintamani Pine Forest, Bangli

Kintamani Pine Forest
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Visa Bali Info – Kintamani Pine Forest

There are many natural tourism potentials that you can visit while in Bali, starting with the enchanting white sand beaches, the cool atmosphere of the mountains and even educational tourist spots.

Bali is also famous for its natural natural tourism potential, this time not for educational places or beaches but in the form of the Kintamani pine forest.

This tour is known for its beautiful natural scenery and cool mountain atmosphere. This place is also suitable to be used as a family tourist destination that you can visit when the weekend arrives or enter your children’s school holidays.

To know more about the Kintamani Pine Forest, see the following information!

Kintamani Pine Forest Bangli

Kintamani is part of the area of ​​the island of Bali on the north side which geographically has green hills with canyons around it.

Dense forest with various types of plants, such as pine, fir, eucalyptus, sengon and sonokeling trees.

The Kintamani pine forest area has tourism potential with exotic natural panoramas. Views of towering trees and places that are sometimes shrouded in fog.

Kintamani Pine Forest Attraction

Each tourist spot cannot be separated from the attractiveness of each tourist spot, as is the case with this Kintamani Bangli Pine forest.

Become the Best Photo Spot

 Kintamani Pine Forest
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With a background in the natural atmosphere of the forest that still looks very natural, it makes hunting for photo spots feel so much fun.

You can find the best points in the Kintamani Pine Forest along Jalan Catur Sukawana Village.

Apart from at the foot of Mount Batur, you can also find other pine forests around the caldera of Mount Batur such as on the black lava rocks that have erupted.

If you are looking for alternative pre-wedding photo locations in Bali that offer a natural atmosphere, the Kintamani Bangli Pine Forest is the right place for you.

The exoticism and romance that is offered is extraordinary. The beauty of the place which is owned by the Kintamani pine forest is indeed so extraordinary that you can feel at home for a long time here.

Becoming the Most Beautiful Pine Forest in Indonesia

Kintamani Pine Forest
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It has cool and fresh air and is very clean with oxygen content where there is no air pollution that we usually feel in urban areas.

Wonderful Indonesia has made the Kintamani Bangli Pine Forest area one of the 11 most beautiful pine forests in Indonesia.

Since it was designated as the most beautiful pine forest area, its popularity has immediately risen. It would not be wrong if wonderful Indonesia made the Sukawana Kintamani Bangli Pine Forest one of the Top 11 Beautiful Pine Forests in Indonesia.

By having a distinctive cool air and being in the mountainous highlands which is very cold at night and always covered in thick fog, this place offers a unique and different atmosphere.

The beautiful scenery with rows of towering pine tree trunks with distinctive leaves makes the Kintamani pine forest very beautiful to look at.

The Bali Bible | Kintamani Pine Forest

Location of Kintamani Pine Forest, Bangli

Located on Jalan Catur, Sukawana, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. The distance is about 56 km or taken about 1 hour 45 minutes.

If you come here, there are two routes that you can take, namely the Toya Bungkah and Puri Jati routes. When heading to this pine forest, you will be presented with a view that is no less interesting. The beauty of the views of the Tegallalang rice fields or views of Mount Batur will really make your vacation full of precious moments.

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices for Kintamani Pine Forest Entrance

Entering the Perhutani area that has not been managed specifically, so when you come here you will not be charged an entry fee and there are no operational hours either.


Traveling in nature will not be boring, this can really be an alternative tour. Hopefully the review of the pine forest above is useful.

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