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Mount Abang

Visa Bali Info – Mount Abang Bali Climbing

The only area in Bali that doesn’t have beach tourism destinations, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have decent tourist areas.

Bangli, is in the South Bali area even though it doesn’t have beautiful beaches. You can try to take a hiking trip to Mount Abang.

Mount Abang is one of the destinations of the many tourist attractions that Bangli has to offer, then how about reviews about Mount Abang? Check out the description below…

Get to know Mount Abang

Mount Abang
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Mount Abang is indeed not very famous when compared to Mount Agung or Mount Batur though.

Maybe this is also a place that you just found out that Bali also has a mountain called Mount Abang and berlokasi di Desa Abangsongan, Kecamatan Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli.

You need to know that this mountain is the third highest mountain in the Bangli area of ​​Bali. Its altitude also reaches 2,152 meters above sea level (MDPL).

Although not as famous as Mount Agung and Mount Batur, the charm of the beauty of this mountain is unbeatable from the charm of Mount Agung and Mount Batur.

This mountain was once a volcano. However, the status of this volcano has become a non-active volcano.

Mount Abang is part of the Mount Batur caldera which was created by a violent eruption, so it has a position facing Mount Batur.

Because in recent years there has been no eruption. So for those of you who have a hobby of climbing, this mountain can be a reference for climbing with the various beautiful panoramas that are presented, of course.

Mount Abang Hiking Trail

Mount Abang
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You can start from the climbing point in Suter Village, here you will pass the Batur Geopark Museum, then through the forest with quite narrow roads and slightly unfavorable terrain.

If you have seen Munggu Temple, it means that is where the vehicle ends before continuing the climb.

What’s interesting when climbing Mount Abang is that the climbing post is marked with a temple building, there are two posts before you finally get to the top of Mount Abang.

Your first post (Penawal Temple) will take around 45 to 60 minutes to get to this post from the starting point.

Mount Abang
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The path that is passed is in the form of sandy soil with an uphill track and is surrounded by bushes and tall trees. Here you will find the Batu Lilin Abang spot which offers a view towards the caldera of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

Your second post (Pura Andong) will require about an hour of climbing, with a landscape of trees and dense grass, as well as a dirt path with root stairs. This second temple is the last post before the summit to the top and here you can set up your tent for the night.

At the top there is Puncak Tuluk Biyu Temple and views of Lake and Mount Batur in the distance. This view looks prettier if it arrives to coincide with the sunrise moment.

Mount Abang

Facilities Around Mount Abang

When you choose to climb Mount Abang to be your tourist destination, don’t worry if you come here.

Because it is intended for tourism, there are many lodgings around this mountain area, even restaurants are also available around Mount Abang tourism. Just adjust to your budget.


Balinese Hindus often climb Mount Abang to pray at the temple on Mount Abang, especially during the full moon.

If you cross paths with those who are performing rituals at the temple, try not to make noise and respect the worship procession.

This can be unique when compared to other mountains. This is due to the local community still upholding the Balinese cultural customs.

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