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Morabito Art Cliff, Santorini’s Luxury Lodging

Morabito Art Cliff
Ig @morabitoartcliff

Visa Bali Info – Morabito Art Cliff

Bali, apart from being nicknamed the “Island of the Gods” Bali is also known by another name, namely the “City of a Thousand Hotels”. This is closely related to the number of accommodations available from the lower middle class to the upper middle class.

The number of tourist locations that make the growth of lodging in Bali increasingly fertile. As if competing to provide the best service for those of you who will travel in Bali.

However, have you known one of the Greek-style inns? Well, this time we will discuss it.

Morabito art cliff inn, from the name alone you will definitely think that this one place is so unique and seems different from other inns.

Well, instead of being curious, we will provide a little information about Morabito Art Cliff, check it out.

Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu

This luxury hotel is located on a cliff with sea views in front of your eyes. Not only that, the atmosphere of the building, which is dominated by white, is deliberately intended to give the impression that it is similar to Santorini.

Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu is a 5-star accommodation service that guarantees luxury to every guest.

There are 6 villa sections from Morabito Art Cliff


1. Santorini Loft

Morabito Art Cliff
Ig @morabitoartcliff

Santorini Loft consists of 2 bedrooms, namely, Massasia’s bedroom and Dali’s bedroom. Has a family room and terrace directly facing the open sea. Can you imagine how nice it is to enjoy the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones.

2. Cartagena Loft

Morabito Art Cliff
Ig @morabitoartcliff

It has a beautiful and romantic bedroom, open in the living room with views on the large terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Family area with jacuzzi directly facing the open sea, a really charming atmosphere.

3. Miami Loft

Morabito Art Cliff
Ig @morabitoartcliff

It has two master bedrooms overlooking the pool and an open terrace on the Indian Ocean. With an en suite bathroom, desk space, living room and swimming area which also directly faces the open sea.

4. Capri Loft

Morabito Art Cliff
Ig @morabitoartcliff

It has two bedrooms and a living room whose terrace also faces the open sea.

5. Manhattan Loft

Morabito Art Cliff
Ig @morabitoartcliff

Has a master bedroom with sea views and a family room which also has a terrace overlooking the sea.

6. Venice Suite

It has a bedroom with an open terrace and a living room, kitchen and dining area.

Rates for Staying at Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu

At least, you have to be willing to spend Rp 6.7 million to spend one night here.

However, during the Eid holidays until the end of the year, all 3-star to 5-star hotels provide a 50% discount for those of you who will stay.

The price given will be commensurate with the luxury you will get at this one inn.

Location and Hours of Operation Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu

Address :

Jl. Bingin Beach, Pecatu, Bingin, Bukit, Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Operational Hours: Saturday – Friday, 08.00 – 20.00 WITA.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

The view of Bingin Beach can be directly witnessed from inside the hotel. If you want to feel the excitement on the beach, you only need to walk a few meters.

From the location of this hotel, you can also reach a row of other popular tourist attractions in Bali. Uluwatu Temple with its unique Kecak dance performance, it is enough to travel about 4 km.

In addition, you can also take the time to come to Padang-Padang Beach and Dreamland Beach.

The sensation provided by this inn will make your vacation really memorable. The luxury provided is of course very comparable to the view and facilities provided.

Well, don’t forget to take advantage of the 50% discount for all hotels that Bali provides during the Eid holidays until the end of the year, okay?

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