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Meaning of Pagerwesi Ceremony

Pagerwesi Ceremony
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Visa Bali info – Pagerwesi Ceremony

On Wednesday kliwon wuku Sinta, all Balinese Hindus celebrate Pagerwesi. This holiday which falls on the Balinese calendar in general commemorates the firmness of faith with the knowledge that has been given by God.

The ceremony and meaning of the Pagerwesi day itself is generally celebrated differently, depending on the policies of each village in Bali.

The Meaning of the Pagerwesi Ceremony

Pagerwesi Ceremony
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In his term “pagerwesi” means a fence of iron, as this means symbolizing a strong protection.

Everything that is fenced means something of high value so as not to be disturbed or damaged.

Hari Raya Pagerwesi is often interpreted by Balinese Hindus as a day to fence themselves off which in Balinese is called magehang crew.

Have as a reminder that humans living in the world must have a firm faith, which is based on the use of science in the way of goodness.

Without knowledge, mankind will return to the dark ages where everything is very difficult.

Sanghyang Pramesti Guru

The name of God worshiped on pagerwesi is Sanghyang Pramesti Guru. Sanghyang Pramesti Guru is another name for Lord Shiva as a manifestation of God to dissolve all bad things.

In his position as Sanghyang Pramesti Guru, he became the teacher of the universe, especially humans. Life without a teacher is the same as living without a guide, so without direction and all actions are not good.

Pagerwesi celebrations and celebrations are closely related to Saraswati celebrations,

This Saraswati holiday is a celebration of the arrival of knowledge from God to humans.

After being revealed science is used properly in order to facilitate life, and strengthen the faith of mankind itself.

Pagerwesi Ceremony Series

Pagerwesi Ceremony
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Saraswati Day itself falls on Saturday, so there are a series of events carried out by Hindus and Balinese.

On Sunday, people will bathe in the sea as a form of self-purification after receiving knowledge, so that the knowledge gained can be used for good purposes.

Applications are then made on Monday. Tuesday will be a day where people get fortune for the good they do,

Wednesday, Pagerwesi became a day where people did meditation to re-strengthen their stance and faith with the knowledge they already had.

Implementation of the Pagerwesi Ceremony in Bali

The implementation of the Pagerwesi ceremony/ceremony is actually focused on the priests or clergy of religious leaders (in the Sundarigama lontar).

The essence of the implementation of the Pegerwesi ceremony is more emphasized on worship by the priests by performing the Ngarga and Mapair Lingga ceremonies.

This pagerwesi day is commemorated by performing prayers starting from the sanggah to other temples in the village environment.

Meditations in Pagerwesi

On the feast of Pagerwesi is the best day to bring Atman closer to Brahman as a true teacher.

That true knowledge is actually an “iron pager” to protect our lives in this world.

The essence of the Pagerwesi celebration is to worship God as a true teacher. To worship means to surrender, to respect, to beg, to praise and to concentrate.

This means we have to surrender our ignorance to God so that he as a true teacher can fill us with holiness and true knowledge.


We hope that the meaning and significance of the pagerwesi ceremony in this article can provide and increase knowledge for us.

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