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Mapendes Tooth Cutting Ritual

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Visa Bali Info –  Mapendes 

Bali has unique traditional rituals, in addition to complete and varied tourist objects, another attraction of the island of Bali is the thick culture that is still maintained by its people.

Even though Bali has developed, the traditions and culture passed down by the ancestors are still maintained and preserved. One of the unique traditions in Bali is the Mapendes or Metatah or Mepanggih tradition.

This ritual is a marker for Hindus before entering adulthood. This Balinese traditional ceremony ahead of adulthood is carried out by cutting teeth.

Is a Ritual Before Adult

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This tradition of Balinese Hindus is a traditional ritual that must be followed by all Balinese, both men and women who have reached adolescence or puberty.

Become a cultural heritage from generation to generation. Mapendes or Metatah which comes from the word “tatah” which means “chisel” in Balinese.

Teeth are actually not actually cut, but rather scraped with certain techniques. This ritual is performed by scraping 6 teeth.

Procedures and Purpose of the Mepandes or Metatah Ritual

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To find out more about how the procession of cutting teeth, see the procedure for the metatah ritual below;

  • Magumi Padangan

The first ceremony is performed in the kitchen which implies that people who have grown up are ready to settle down and be responsible for their families.

  •  Nekeb

This ceremony is carried out in the meten or in the carrying. This process has the meaning of promising to control evil traits in humans (sad ripu).

  • Mabyakala

This process is carried out in the front yard of the house. Its meaning is to rid oneself of bad qualities that come from outside, because bad qualities do not only come from within.

  • Pray to Pamarajan

This ritual contains several meanings, asking the ancestors to carry out the metatah tradition, a form of devotion to Sang Hyang Uma, ngayab caru which means removing bad traits, asking for welfare and happiness.

  • Tooth Study

This activity is intended to engrave teeth with sacred script. This is a symbol of respect for Hyang Widhi who guides life with the sacred teachings he has passed down.

  • Teeth/Fang Sculpting

It has a symbolic meaning of gratitude to Sang Hyang Widhi who has launched and blessed the smooth running of the metatah ceremony.

  • Metatah/Mepandes Ceremony

The child who is going to cut his teeth returns to the carrier. This process has meaning, Worshiping the Surya God to ask for testimony, Worshiping Bhatara Smara and Bhatari Ratih so that they can be guided to the right path, Asking for physical and spiritual strength to face life’s challenges, Purifying oneself from evil behavior (sad ripu).

  • Stepping on Banten Paningkeb

This activity is a symbol of the end of the teeth cutting ceremony with bad qualities within (sad ripu) which are also destroyed.

  • Mejaya-Jaya

The process of the ceremony led by the priest by sprinkling water. This activity means that the person concerned is always protected in life.

After cutting or carving the teeth is complete, the child who carries out this ritual is asked to taste 6 tastes, namely bitter (a symbol of fortitude), spicy (a symbol of patience), astringent (a symbol of obedience), sweet (a symbol of happiness) and salty (a symbol of wisdom).

Equipment Used In Tooth Cutting Ceremony

  • Sculpture
  • File/sharpener
  • Whetstone
  • Honey and lime
  • Sugar cane/adap wood, to block the mouth cavity

Abstinence for the Mepandes or Metatah Ritual

This ritual itself has restrictions, although it can be done for everyone, both men and women.

However, the prohibition of this ritual is if the person carrying out this ritual is a pregnant woman. The Balinese believe that babies are creatures that are still sacred, while this ritual is performed to purify persons who are not yet pure.

If you go to Bali, don’t be surprised if every day there will be a ritual in a corner of the village. And don’t be surprised if there are many holidays in Bali, this is related to the many traditional rituals that Balinese Hindus live by.


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