Lovely Family Vacation On Bali Island

bali islandVisa4Bali Bali Island – Family vacation is something that has been waiting by the member of the family both children and parents. Most of parents wants to give their kids good memories during their free time of school routine. And the most favorite destination is Balinese island. This island is popular on couple circle and family circle as well. If you’d like to have the same thing with them, having good vacation in Bali island, we have options of Bali with kids tourism spots. A lot of tourism spots in Bali offering vacation tour for family and kids. Below we made list for you about tourism spot for kids in Balinese island

  • Bali Safari Marine and Park

    This was the biggest zoo on Bali island, that’s why this place became must place to go with your kids to see how many animals are there. Bali Safari Marine Park is always full of visitors almost everyday. Things you can do in this zoo are below

  1. Visitors surrounding the zoo using special vehicle from the zoo.

  2. This zoo having water park so that you and your children can join there.

  3. This zoo having complete animal collections, you can enjoy a lot of animals during your trip there.

  4. There is event for showing elephant that might your kids interest to try.

This zoo was opened since 9 AM to 5 PM, but the best time to visit this place is about 9 AM to 3 PM.

  • Waterbom Bali

    One of the most favorite place for kids is playing water or swimming. There is best waterpark in Bali island called Waterbom Kuta Bali. We pretty sure that your kids will be very happy to visit this place. People usually spending about more than 5hours at this place. The operational hours for this waterpark starts from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Bali Island

  • Holiday to Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island

    There is green turtle hatchery in Tanjung Benoa. The green turtle belongs to protected animals by the government because they are very rare, and this place was being favorite place for kids and parents. The best time to visit this place is 10 AM to 2 PM. There are several things you can do in this place such below

  1. Interesting experience by boarding speed boat.

  2. By having speed boat, kids can see ocean and Tanjung Benoa port as well.

  3. From the speed boat, kids can feed the fishes.

  4. On this hatchery, kids can feed the green turtle and also touching them.

  • Bali Bird Park

    Bali island has special zoo that full of birds, that place called Bird Park Bali. Kids can take pictures with the birds and also there is bird show there. The operational hours starts from 9 AM to 5.30 PM.

  • Bali zoo

    This is also zoo in Bali island. But the interesting part from this zoo is that Bali zoo has special activity by having breakfast with the Orangutans. Interesting, isn’t? Most of tourists wants to try this new activity and becoming favorite activity in Bali island. Bali zoo having two times operational hours. First starts on 9 AM to 5 PM, and the second starts from 6 PM to 9 PM.

  • Boarding with the Banana Boat

    Every time school having holiday Bali island will be full of visitors. There is water sport in Tanjung Benoa that having favorite sea activity by boarding with Banana boat. Most of kids above 8 years age will love to try this one during their trip on Bali island.

Please consider with your kids which place you want to visit and make sure you have managed the budget for the trip. Bali island also having many gift shops that will help you brings souvenirs for your friends and other family members after your vacation.

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