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Living in Bali : Reasons For Choosing Bali as Dwelling Place

living in baliChoosing Bali as Dwelling Place

Living in Bali – It is not secret anymore that living in midtown is really crowded. We can find crazy traffic everywhere, air pollution is really high, and also getting fresh and cool atmosphere is almost impossible things to find. At this time, there are so many people from midtown is moving for living Bali. Not only local people who can lived happily there, but also the immigrant could be happy and enjoy their time as well. This is proof by coming a lot of Jakarta’s people trying to make Bali island as their dwelling place. As we know, Jakarta is big city and really fulled with bad traffic, high building and air pollution because they are belongs to industrial city. It is common for industrial city having all of them in their atmosphere.

Having idea with living Bali as dwelling place at this time is one of a good option to take. Bali famous with fresh and green nature, it could help you to find calmness from the hustle and bustle of the midtown. It is closed with beaches, lakes, mountain nature and also so many arts and culture can enjoy you during your boring time.

Reasons for Staying in Bali

If you still need more reasons to stay in Bali, here we have collected all good answers for you to consider

– Tourist spot are very close.

We all knew that Bali is popular with beautiful beaches, the sunshine and summer. This is can be the main reason for you to kill boring with your work.

– Heaven of Foods

in Bali island, you can find so many kinds of food, starts from traditional Balinese foods until international foods. The price of these foods are also has variation from cheap to expensive. If you’d like to buy fresh vegetables and fruits you can also visit the traditional market that providing the vegetables and fruits crops from plantations.

– Various Community

Interactions in Bali is really active due to so many community’s there. They are comes from animal lovers, business, photography, arts or music. This might help you to create new friendship.

– No Traffic Jam

Different with midtown, living Bali is away from the traffic jam. Even though we can still find it, it is often in around tourist spot only.

– Costs of Living depends on Lifestyle

Your cost of living depends on how you live. If you have fancy life, it should be required high cost. But if you can lived simply, you can minimize your budget. Bali is offering a lot of options for lifestyle.

– Balinese People having high tolerance

Most of Bali’s religion is Hinduism, but they have high tolerance with another religions. So situation in Bali is harmonious atmosphere even though there are so many differences are there.

– Balinese People do not concern about social status

Balinese people known as the most happily resident. The reasons are because they have been teach to meet a lot of people with several social status, and also due to Bali having so many visitors away from the covid-19 pandemic.

– Minimum Crime

The main of happy life in Bali is because Bali almost having no crime. This is because people of Bali aware of bad effects of doing crime. They do believe if they’ve done bad things, they will get revenge for someday.

living in bali

– Natural Atmosphere still clean and fresh

A lot of people are dreaming Bali as dwelling place due to its nature conditions. It almost no air pollution, and no traffic jam. In Bali you can life side by side with nature.

Now you have reasonable reasons to choose Bali as your new hometown, will you come here and stay?

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