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Latest update on Covid 19 in Bali – September

covid 19
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Visa Bali Info – Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic period is gradually improving, activities in the community have returned to normal although they must continue to maintain health protocols.

After Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced that he was allowed to take off masks in crowds with conditions, now the community’s activity has started to return.

Like the stretching of tourism in Bali which is currently showing positive things again. All Bali tourism stakeholders continue to promote the best tourism that Bali has.

Staying aware of the increase in Covid 19 cases

covid 19
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The Indonesian government has again extended the Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM, Indonesia) in the Java – Bali region.

This is because the re-application of PPKM throughout Java-Bali is to reduce the rate of transmission of the Covid 19 virus.

The implementation of PPKM for Covid 19 cases throughout Java – Bali has been in effect from 30 August to 5 September 2022.

During the one-week PPKM, all districts/cities in Java-Bali were included in the Level 1 PPKM category.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) Director General for Adwil Adwil, Safrizal ZA, said that this step was taken so that the public remains alert to the transmission of COVID 19.

“The determination of the district/city level is still guided by the Community Transmission Indicators on the Adjustment Indicators for Public Health Efforts,” said Safrizal, quoted by from the RRI page, Tuesday (30/8/2022).

It is also hoped that regional heads will continue to support the acceleration of the implementation of the booster in a proactive, focused and coordinated manner.

Update on Covid 19 September 2022

covid 19
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Based on data in the last 24 hours until today, Friday (2/9/2022) at 12.00 WIB, the number of cases nationally is still increasing since the first patient case infected with the corona virus was announced on March 2, 2020.

The number of positive cases was confirmed based on examination by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.

The following is the number of Covid-19 cases to date for the province of Bali ;

  • Positive : 166391
  • Heal : 160845
  • Died : 4710

Conditions for Traveling to Bali Currently

covid 19

Based on the Circular Letter of the Ministry of Transportation No. 70 of 2022 which is applied at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, they are ;

  • Passengers who are new to Vaccine 1, must show a negative result of the RT-PCR test (3×24 hours).
  • Passengers who already have Vaccine 2, must show a negative result of the Antigen test (1×24 hours) or (RT-PCR 3×24 hours).
  • Passengers who have Vaccine 3 or Booster, are not required to be tested for Covid-19.
  • Passengers with special or comorbid health conditions are required to show a negative result of the RT-PCR test (3×24 hours) and attach a Doctor’s Certificate from a Government Hospital.
  • Passengers aged 6-17 years who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 dose 2 are not required to show a negative result of the Covid-19 test.
  • passengers under 6 years of age are exempt from the mandatory requirements for a Vaccination Certificate and Covid-19 test.
  • Passengers are also required to use the PeduliLindung application.

International Travel Requirements To Bali

According to the Circular Letter of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation Number 71 of 2022, there are several requirements for international travel to the island of Bali.

Check out the following requirements :

  1. Airplane tickets
  2. Prepare your ID, passport and visa
  3. Prepare a physical or digital vaccine certificate

For travelers who do not receive the Covid-19 vaccine due to media reasons, they must attach a Doctor’s Certificate from the country of departure.

  1. RT-PCR test on arrival

For passengers with body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius.

  1. Quarantine

5×24 hour quarantine for passengers who have not been vaccinated or have received the first dose of vaccine.

  1. Download and complete an account on the PeduliLindung application.

This policy also applies from 17 July 2022 until a deadline to be determined later.

Even though we have gone from pandemic to endemic, it’s good for all of us to still pay attention to our respective health.

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