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Knowing Kinds of Visa That Applied in Indonesia Country

visaHi everyone, lets talk about your needs for Visa when you guys are planning to have holidays trip or business travel to Balinese island. As we all knew, Balinese island is a dreamed place for everyone who wants to have best vacation’s ever. Besides as an amazing place for holidays, many visitors came to this island for their work or business. Bali island has a lot of investor for tourism sector, hotel and resort. The Bali’s government receiving good advantages from the foreign tourists on economy sector. This made company like us seeing good opportunity to help you guys or Bali’s visitors on your needed to stay in this beautiful island. We have been experienced on serving foreign tourists from a lot of country about needed of Bali Visa. Our company visaforbali will give you reasonable price instead of taking high price from you. We cooperate directly with the immigration office, that’s why our price is reasonable and so many tourist has given their trust to us all this time.

We have strong reason to make you choose us for your needs of bali visa as below

  • We are #1 visa agency on Bali island. We are offering high quality customized service for you to take care of your needs of journey. We are offering extension service as well and help you to take care of your visa extension. You may to contact us by phone or chat using whats-app, Facebook or Instagram, our customer service will respond to you anytime!

  • We have over 8 year experiences. By having this such experiences, we are specialist to manage entire application process from start to finish. You may to review our testimony from the previous customers who used our service.

  • We cooperate directly with immigration office. Due to we are working directly with the immigration office, it is reason why we having reasonable price for you.

Before you guys entering Indonesia, specially to Bali island. We’d like to inform you kinds of Visa applying in Indonesia country.

  1. Tourist Visa

    This is the most frequently used visas. You will need this visa as guarantee that you may enter almost all country around the world. If you’d like to get this one, please apply this to your visa agency long time before your departure.

  2. Visa on arrival

    This visa is made when you arrived to your destination’s country, and no need to make visa before your departure. But unfortunately this visa only working for those countries who has good relation.

  3. Business Visit Visa

    This visa made for those people who’d like to enter country for business visit, such are visiting head office/branch, meetings with clients, or having seminars.


  4. Family Visit Visa

    This visa made by purpose to visit family in other countries. By having this visa, you will get 90 days of staying to destination country. If you wanna know what do you need to prepare to have this visa, please contact us!

  5. Work Visa

    This is visa for people who works on destination country. It is usually form of a semi-permanent, permanent residence permit, or according to the length of the work contract.

  6. Business Visa

    If you’d like to have business in other country or needing longer time to stay, this kind of visa can be your option. This visa gives us a rather long stay in destination country because it takes care of the needs of establishing a company.

  7. Study Visa

    As from the name, this visa made for student or college student who wants to have study to other country. This visa will be valid as long as you still running your education period, including your holiday.

  8. Student Exchange Visa

    This visa is reserved for students who follow a student exchange program.

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